Malaysian paper apologizes for comic tsunami image; Singapore TV apologizes for sales pitch


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Good job to the people of Malaysia for their reaction. Pretty bad taste to joke about such a horrible tragedy.

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out of business in how long ?

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Thank you people of Malyasia!

‘‘We apologize unreservedly if we had been seen to be insensitive to the gravity of the situation,’’ MediaCorp’s SVP.

That "apology" is as bad as the insult. "we're not sorry we did it; we're sorry you noticed." FU MediaCorp!

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Extremely poor taste. Shame on the cartoonist.

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Malaysians have taken out their own trash. good on them.

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Lots of people saying insensitive things, for example those tweeting that the tsunami is some kind of retribution for Pearl Harbor or Paul Watson's "poem".

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I hope the cartoonist is happy with his 'success', because he'll probably be out on his can before too long, and rightly so. I've made my fair share of rather insensitive remarks in criticizing politicians or the military during this disaster, by why on earth you would think up and even PUBLISH a cartoon of this nature is beyond me. Not only should the cartoonist be fired, but the editors as well.

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cadmium, ive seen that picture with facebook comments all pasted together. What a horrible people. But there is never a moment to make fun of a tragedy like this. NEVER.

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" Extremely poor taste. Shame on the cartoonist. "

Well, some people complained, and he apologized, episode closed. That`s how it should be in a civilized world.

You notice that there are no death threats, no burning embassies, no worldwide cartoon riots about this.

What a difference to a certain other cartoon that Mohamad Zohri Sukimi surely disaproves of.

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Gov/Corporates/Financial Terrorists will always try to profit off natural disasters. This is just who these people are and they do not understand the complaints from the general population when they take advantage of the situation and the people.

It is sickening, but if you want them to change you must not encourage their behavior. You can always sue them -Unless they are printing the money (Federal Reserve/Gov).

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Malaysia took care of their own problem. Good for them. Singapore Television, however, is a bunch of slimey worms. They apoligize "unreservedly" but in the very next phrase contradict themselves by adding the condition "if we had been seen to be insensitive to the gravity of the situation". Their obvious glee in the misfortune of others reminds me of that song by Don Henley, "Dirty Laundry":

"We got the bubble-headed bleach blonde, comes on at 5. She can tell you 'bout the plane crash with a gleam in her eye. It's interesting when people die, we need dirty laundry!"

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Singapore TV, don't tell us you don't know the meaning of the word ''if'' in your sentence. it would have been better not to have issued such an apology then. Shame. This could have happened in your safe island too

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To all the commentors arguing the semantics of the word "if", you are misunderstanding the apology, for what reason I cannot fathom. It is simple english, and any person who holds claim to being a native english speaker should have enough grasp of the language to see the ambiguity of the sentence for what it is.

We apologize unreservedly if we had been seen to be insensitive to the gravity of the situation

This means "We did not realize that we were being insensitive. If we had offended you, we apologize unreservedly."

This does not mean "We are only apologizing if we have offended you. We are not apologizing if we have not."

There is no logical reason for interpreting their apology as the latter.

1) Do you know Singaporeans to be a bunch of stuck ups who consistently say things in a sly manner to hide their true intention? Is ChannelNewsAsia known for such antics?

2) As a major media channel under regional criticism for insensitive remarks, would they be even trying to cover their apology with yet another insult? Do you really think that a company so obviously out to make profit will do something as stupid as that.

I am ashamed, indeed, for having to explain elementary english to numerous commentors of a NEWS site. One would expect people who keep themselves updated of news to be more perceptive.

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Shame on Malaysian BERITA HARIAN!!

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Semantics & unmeaningful apologies aside, these "supposed" journalists are hardly professional if this is the type of thing considered worthy of publishing. How about my next cartoon being about the closing of this newspaper & the collapse of Malaysia's tourism industry?

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"or to show our insensitivity towards last Friday disaster"...we didn't mean to actually show our insensitivity...we are insensitive but didn't mean to show it to the world in print

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