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Malaysia says it is not sure which way jet was headed


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I've flown in a commercial airline cockpit too, when the airline was our client. In the jumpseat. I don't think it's illegal.

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You know things are bad when the pronouncements of people at the highest levels start to devolve into gibberish, like way back in the hunt for Iraq's WMDs. I seem to remember Rumsfeld or Chaney coming up with the timeless quote about the weapons being a little to the north, northwest, west, or south of the capital. There there was Rumsfeld covering all the bases with his "known knowns, known unknowns, unknown knowns, and unknown unknowns" quote. Not much comfort in these non-reassurances.

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What about the ACARS datalink, with which that model 777-200ER is equipped? Flight data is sent direct to Malaysian Airlines. Or was that shut down too?

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It seems that like the general group of Boeing planes have either technicalities or such. Maybe the plane moved off route and ended up somewhere underwater in a plane crash..Could be possible. Who knows, or either the Malaysian Airlines are hiding something.

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I have heard many theories so I would just add another one from what I have read my personal thought would be if it was a structural failure the place would have a bigger debris field upon impact if the plane had mechanical failures at 35,000 feet you would find the wing, oil and, passenger luggage, and seats everywhere. If it was low you would find a more intact aircraft possibly floating in such deeps of the ocean. Now to the Software issue the plane has what is called a Pitot static system the pitot tube is normally mounted on the leading edge of a wing. The static pressure port which is normally found inside the cockpit. The pilot can select the internal static source if the outside source becomes clogged with ice.. When the pilot selects the alternative source, the instruments relying on the static pressure may operate slightly differently. One of the more mysterious systems in the aircraft is the pitot/static system. Because of its mysteries, a failure can present itself in different, insidious ways. With that said I am thinking the plane was flying through clouds at high altitude and the Pitot tube became blocked with ice, in most cases the pilots try to avoid clouds and when they do fly through clouds the Pitot heaters are turned on to burn off and to prevent the water ingestion into the pitot if the pitot becomes blocked with ice or lets say an insect within its drain hole it could have probably become unnoticed in level flight or in a climb. What will happen is the clogged pitot pressure is then measured or should I say compared against the varying static pressure with the result displayed on the indicator. As the pilot climbs, the static pressure will become less, the clogged or trapped pitot pressure will remain the same, and the increasing difference between the two would be shown as increasing airspeed. If the pilot isn't a very experience pilot he might know how to diagnose the problem but if he is busy doing other things in the cock pit he might not realize his problem. At the plane as the plane continues to climb to altitude, the airspeed will kept increasing way beyond the capabilities of the airplane and the crew will try to keep pitching the nose up. This what is called a "FORCE FIGHT" the software is telling the plane to correct itself but the pilot is doing what he thinks . What would eventually happen is the plane will continue to pitch the nose up until the airplane stalls and spin in. I would have to say I am sorry for the loss of the passengers on board, and the crew that perished because if this is the case they didn't recognize the problem. I would say that a pitot tube that is slowly freezing over will probably cause the airspeed to decrease possibly all the way to zero and I would think that if this was the case this would get the pilots attention because decreasing airspeed is perceived by MOST pilots to be a greater problem than increasing airspeed. Again a blocked static port will cause varying symptoms depending upon the degree of blockage and the altitude at which it occurs and static port blockages will most certainly cause the airspeed indicator to increase with decreasing altitudes and decrease during a climb as I noted before. Pitot/static failures can take on many forms and the readings shown on the instruments can be many and varied. It is the pilots job to identify erroneous readings and decide how best to complete the flight without the offending instrument if possible. One thing the pilot has to keep in mind and that is pitch plus power equals performance and he has to try to keep the plane level. But what baffles me the most is there is NO COMMUNICATION so yes there are many unknowns.

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They know more than what they want to say at this time. !!!

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They know more than what they want to say at this time. !!!

Who is they?

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Is there any chance that the pilot was paid to fly the plane to Sri Lanka? Their government isn`t really a beacon of freedom, justice and transparency.

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@ Wipeout

Good point, I am just as loss as everyone else with all of the miscommunication coming out Malaysia seems to make me think someone is hiding something! A plane just don't drop out of the air, so when I said no communication I was also thinking from a technical standpoint other ways in which a aircraft is monitored in flight! But even if there was a decompression issue at that elevation there would be a large debris field out there so far reports have not found anything.

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ACARS is only sending engine data for take-off, climb and landing. The radar transponder will stop sending signal if it was turn-off manual by pilot or mechanical fault if the plane was not suddenly crashed in the mid air. The Flight HM370 disappearance can not be known cause of disappearance or crashed completely even if they found plane wreckage.

Pilot had communicated with Malaysia air controller just before plane was disappearance from Radar. "All right, good night," Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah said after being told by Malaysian air traffic controllers that he was entering Vietnamese air space. If they have problems and then Pilot will notify to air traffic controller. Military Radar shown flight HM370 may have turning back toward Malaysia.

Where to and why Pilot changed flight direction if the flight HM370 was changed its direction after last communication with Malaysia air traffic controller?

Why search and rescue teams can not find single piece of debris from HM370 f the plane was crashed at last known location on Radar?

Why Pilot turned off radar transponder if the plane wreckage was found in difference location from last known location on Radar?

Why Pilot didn't send emergency alert and contact air controller for help if the plane was mechanical trouble before crashed? But, they have communicated just before disappearance from Radar.

Two stolen passport users are Iranian asylum seekers and no link to terrorist.

Now most likely suspect is one of Pilots or both for probably suicide or secretly landing plane on one Philippine's Islamic militant control Islands. Does one of pilots was secretly recruited by militant Islamist?

If someone has hijacked flight HM370 and then that person must be have knowledge of Commercial airline cockpit because he or she knew how to turning off transponder and other communication instruments. However, someone on flight HM370 will be sending message or called to friend or family if the flight HM370 was hijacked. Otherwise, hijackers have confiscated all mobile phones on plane.

In one report, one of relative of passengers from China on flight HM370 said his relative on flight HM370 mobile was ringing when he called but no one touch it to reporters and he called to mobile numbers in front of group of reporters in China. He asked authority to locate Mobile phone before battery run out. If it was true and then the plane must be crashed or landing on land rather than sea. Also reported, Malay fisherman said he saw the lights of a low-flying aircraft near Kuala Besar around 1:30am local time.

I hope flight HM370 was not crashed above the sea and landing safely on one of Islands and everyone was alive and safe and sound.

Also all Merchant Vassals should be looking out for debris of HM370.

The Flight HM370 story will be next target from Hollywood.

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Well of course General Raudzali Daud is now retracting his remarks that the plane was going off course - He'd be found guilty of negligence if he's had this data all along and failed to share that with THE REST OF THE WORLD!!!

What is the deal with Malaysia lately?

How can you allow a Commercial Airliner to go off course, lose radio contact, track it and say you tracked it and THEN deny that you tracked it?

Was someone simply sleeping at the switch in the control tower and just doesn't want to admit it?

Or did Ultraman steer the plane off course?

The FBI and The Commies in China need to get EVERYONE in General Daud's Staff and probe their freak'en brains until sombody owns up to the truth!

My thoughts and prayers to the families.

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I thought the US military was around that area doing something? Wouldn't their radar picked that up? A military radar is a lot more powerful and longer range than any commercial radar.

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My last thought since there is a lack of communication the only suspect would be the pilot(s). Was this a deliberate act. I think now the pilots need to be looked at very closely!

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