Malaysia urged to punish Muslims for forcing church to remove cross


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At least they haven't tried to murder any non muslims --or is it just a matter of time?

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Religion has caused more bloodshed than all the wars in the world combined.....

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Failure to act “will embolden religious extremists,” they added.

Anything that happens now will embolden extremists.

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will never happen.

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'But despite the religious nature of the cross protest, it was unclear whether the demonstrators would face any action, with top government officials issuing contradictory statements.'

You can guarantee these officials would have reacted like a shot if any Muslim was on the receiving end of intimidation. It's beyond me why people still put up with the dangerous and needless divisions caused by religion. Malaysia could heading for real nastiness.

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Nastiness, Malaysia? Yeah prob next. Its just a matter of time b4 jihad freaks brainwash average "respectable" muslims there. Have they banned or are trying to ban alcohol yet like Indonesean muslims?

Lets hope Christian heads don't start rolling (literally). Or anybody's life for that matter-

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The Christians in my country try to do the same thing to Muslims.

So, as an Atheist Jew, let me just say: Thank god for the 1st Amendment.

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