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Malaysian arrests of 3 editors draws flak


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Next they will be accused of deviant practices. SE Asai really isn't very democratic, although nice countries for holidays.

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Yet another country I would not give one tourist dollar to.

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although nice countries for holidays.

No thank you.

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That is the same Malaysia that has de facto islamic supremacist apartheid in form of its notorious "Bumiputera" law, that jails Christians for using the term "Allah" (which is the only term for God that Malay language has), that forces non-muslim school children to eat lunch in the toilet during ramadan... I could go on.

And yet, it is routinely cited as an example of "moderate islam"....

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"And yet, it is routinely cited as an example of "moderate islam"...."

You forgot to mention its affirmative action program....for its majority! How bizarre is that?

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Allah is not the only term for god that the malay language has. Your other 'facts' are wrong too.

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