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Malaysian plane probe focuses on cockpit crew


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Crew-check, passengers-check, engineers/ ground staff-check, but could anyone else have got on the plane?

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This is damned peculiar...

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This is really weird.

There's a lot more that's weird not in this story. One thing is The Malay Gov knew the flight was missing and moving off course w/in one or two hours, tho searching started an hour after the scheduled touch-down time in China. Why didn't they start searching, contacting, following the plane right away?

One other weird thing is that those systems this article says was switched off, could have been malfunctioning and not been turned off by people.

I guess just wait and see...

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“US intelligence efforts also were focusing on Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah and his first officer, Fariq Abdul Hamid, according to a senior US lawmaker.”

Privately, I think that the US has been rattled by Malaysian Gov’s extreme incompetence and gross negligence reflected on missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. There are so many holes when it comes to Malaysian Gov’s constant changing story, not to mention it has the nerve to send the American rescue teams to do wide goose chase in wrong direction during the first four days (it seems that Malaysian Gov deliberately kept Americans in the dark while trying to cover it up at the beginning of the crisis.)

In any case, the credibility of Malaysian Gov. has been damaged

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Like I have always said check the pilots!!! They are the ones in control, no communications just disappearing no organization claimed this act. CHECK THE PILOTS!

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If the plane flew for so long wouldn't passengers have had the opportunity to send messages on their phones?

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Hummm"....It continued to show up as a blip on military radar, but was not immediately identified as the same flight...." So, without IFF, would the military sees this suspicious and scramble fighter jets to intercept or just lock on target and ......

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With all this you still have to wonder where the plane is. It's very odd. You wonder if there will be a good outcome.

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Yeah, Cliffy,

But then the plane wouldn't have kept flying out into the Indian Ocean for another six hours, as the satellites seem to show. The idea of getting accidentally shot down was floated before re China,

There are so many theories and while none is refutable, none really makes sense.

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It's starting to become a case of 'Who can we pin it on to keep the media off our backs and stop the relatives asking questions?'. Truth is, they haven't got a clue where the plane is or what really happened to it. Pity the Malaysians couldn't be as strict about checking for dodgy passports as they are about drug trafficking! For shame!

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If the plane changed direction and flied westward through Malacca strait and then Indian ocean without any kind of communication, can you really tell it is MH 370? or other plane ?

*"PING from the engine to satellite can still be sent after its landing , so one can't really tell where the plane is ; it even can be in Cambodia northern region.

*Sea floor event which China found, what is it?

plane in flame which according to an eyewitness account, what can it be? ... just some of the questions , this is crazy.
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The malaysian govt asked for help yet they kept saying NAHHH THATS NOT IT to the foundings by the helping countries. I saw a TV program a few days ago. There was this analyst who suggested that the plane might have been hijacked and perhaps negotiation with the malay govt was going on and hence the weird behavior by the govt. and perhaps thats why the passengers were not texting their relatives.I just hope they are all alive at least. Keep praying guys.

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One question I heard asked.

Why didn't the Vietnamese air-controller contact the Malaysian counterpart when the plane didn't make contact with them on time?

All along very quiet from Vietnam.

I am sure we aren't told everything that is known.

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