Malaysia's Anwar acquitted of sodomy charges


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Information Minister Rais Yatim said: “Malaysia has an independent judiciary and this verdict proves that the government does not hold sway over judges’ decisions

Thereby admitting the government did indeed want to put this popular political opponent behind bars. On the other hand, maybe the government did hold sway over the judge's decision in order to ameliorate public opinion on this matter and try to enhance their own standing in the upcoming elections.

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Malaysia is such a beautiful country, now if they could just get their politics to be as nice??

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Whether guilty or innocent I am happy to see third parties stiff armed for butting in to people's private sex lives.

But the fact remains that two years of his time was wasted because people still think they have the right to regulate people's private sex lives. The accusers should now be facing trials and jail time themselves and should have to give up large sums of cash to Anwar.

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