Mali in crisis as rebels take control of northern towns

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Mali like Nigeria faces the well armed Islamist nation splitting threat. Like Nigeria, Mali faces terrorists who seem to be better armed than the government itself. Africa is one of the world's regions under severe attack from Islamists who's aim includes splitting countries while weakening the overall capacity of the nations. In the case of Mali we have also seen the deliberate destruction of historical artifacts because they do not satisfy the tenets of Islamist fanatics. Cameroon, Chad, Niger & The C.A.R. are all in various stages of attack from these forces. Another aim in this crusade against Africa is to weaken and keep it dependent on outside forces thereby enabling the control and exploitation of oil and other coveted resources and minerals. The march of nation splitting is not new to the continent, as we have seen Sudan split into two and Eritrea hacked out of Ethiopia. This method of political and economic control is being used against two of the rising B.R.I.C.S. nation with the Islamist separatists of the Caucasus regions of Russia and western China's Xinjiang province. India's restive Muslim population is also contributing to a sense of unease there with several attacks over the last year. All in all, the West's "War On Terror" seems now to be involving more "Non Western" players, than Western, and those most unable to defend themselves from well armed, resourced and determined forces, as is the case in Africa.

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