Mall fights in U.S. send post-holiday shoppers scrambling for exits


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Social irresponsibility on the rise in the US.

Many adult aren't what you'd consider to be good role models. The youth obviously follow.

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Give them more publicity and receive more of the same! The USA media are absolutely stupid. The follow the rule: "If it bleeds, it leads" on the front page, then repeat and repeat the story. The TV media will dedicate 24 hours to repeating the same information from different talking heads, and the USA 24 hour news addicted people will watch it. What do these consumers expect? A different ending to the story?

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So are they supposed to ignore it? I want to know, of course! I don't want to take my kids to the mall and have them see a fight breakout? I want to hear updates and how bad it is.

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It's a tragedy to see American society disintegrating before our eyes.

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It's a tragedy to see American society disintegrating before our eyes.

You just noticed that now?? My God, where have you been these last 8 years?!

Moderator: We presume your comments are meant to refer to President Obama, which makes you look ridiculous. The level of your comments recently has been quite poor, certainly among the lowest on the discussion board.

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Police say these may have been pre-planned on the Net

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Yeah, cities like Chicago have prospered quite well under this disastrous president. The Black on Black crime is about what this year 768 murdered so far. Funny, how this president never talks about the out of control crime in the Black communities like Chicago or other cities like Los Angeles or New York, SF etc. Oh, well, 1/20/17 is around the corner, a few more weeks and we can get over this huddle too.

Moderator: Any more drivel like this and you'll be suspended from the discussion board.

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People still go to malls?

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The American Dream?

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Flash mobs of the actual Deplorable kind.

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Meanwhile in Chicago, over the Christmas weekend, 60 people shot, 11 killed. Who needs terrorism? Just insane.

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The American Dream is a nightmare.

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They even brawl in upscale shopping malls now.....Trump's win reflects America in so many ways.

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ThePBot: ... Trump's win

Can't wait to start blaming the state of the country on Trump .... November must have been like an early Christmas for you guys.

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It's beginning to look alot like Kawanza.....

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At the same time in the US most of these stores give crazy discounts most countries never get. For some people that maybe don't have a lot of disposable income want to take advantage of every deal, every sale. Japan usually always give you 10% when giving a discount, in the US, they would laugh at that, but when you start to see 30% up to 90% off, you are definitely going to have a stampede on your hands.

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More like, "Yes, we can" or "Yes, we did."

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@bass4funk don't know where you are based but sure it is not in Japan..Was at ToysrUs a couple of weeks ago and there was a massive sale on up to 80% off on certain goods..But the people here are a bit more civilized they did not run into the store like nutters they casually walked in no pushing shoving definitely no punches been thrown...Now when we see people in America punching on over a bargain think the rest of the World is laughing not just Japan.Oh ho certain Americans make the rest of your country look super stupid...

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Where's the post-Xmas spirit?

Too much materialism is infecting people's brains these days.

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The American Dream is a nightmare.????? But people love the nightmare in America; that'why they keep coming....

1 ( +1 / -0 ) if retail shops can afford to sell product at 20,30,50% off... that would suggest, as a consumer, you've been ripped off. How about we only buy anything after the fact... that way, we never pay retail. It's not like christ was actually born on the 25th anyway, or for that matter in December!

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@Texas A&M Aggie

With the flood of uploaded cell phone videos available on the web, videos that show exactly who was rioting in those malls, it's pretty amazing how the major news outlets pussy foot around the subject of who the brawlers were.

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