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Man dies in Australia after whale collides with boat


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The boat "was likely to have struck or been impacted by a whale breaching, causing the boat to tilt, ejecting both men", police said in a statement. It did not identify the whale's species.

Can't be too careful.

There could be nuts out there who would generalize that as a whole it's a species of killer whales

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It is unclear if they were wearing life vests and if that would have made any difference.

Seems like a freak accident, unless you've been watching that European TV series "The Swarm" ... where whales and other animals do strange things brought on by global climate changes. One episode had humpbacks breaching and destroying a whale tour boat.

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There's another one to add to the 'dangerous creatures of Australia' list.

RIP fellow mariners.

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The humpbacks will be moving south again right now from their breeding grounds near Hervey Bay. Chances are it was one of them.

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