Man stands trial for rape in Australian Parliament House


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Poor Aussies really getting it hard at the moment.

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This trial comes to us courtesy of former PM Scott Morrison. He considers himself a good Christian but somehow was not sure what to do when a up and coming party star made out with an unconscious female staffer inside Parliament House. He also lied numerous times and undercut his colleagues by taking joint portfolios without ever informing them or the public. And he is a fan of Trump, another great Christian. With recent leaders like this no wonder the country is now in trouble.

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How you can apportion blame on Morrison is a ridiculous assumption.

".............when an up and coming party star made out with an unconscious female staffer.................."

Who said he was an up and comer? The rape scenario is an allegation only at this point- maybe wait and let a jury consider the evidence before you start procrastinating. Australia's judicial system assumes a person is innocent until proven guilty, unlike the Japanese system.

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@Coulda been

Morrison is blamed for this farce because as leader of the Liberal party, the star staffer (read Australian newspapers if you don’t believe me) raped a colleague, (both Liberal party members). The victim feared for her job if she went forward with the rape allegations - not exactly an exemplary workplace. Since coming forward other women have claimed they were also assaulted by the same creep you say is innocent. Numerous women have also complained about workplace misogyny and harassment in Morrison’s parliament - which he has since apologized for. That’s why I blame him. Not for the rape but for the poor leadership.

And you accuse me of “procrastinating”?? Perhaps you should refer to a dictionary when using words over two syllables.

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No security footage as evidence?

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An unconscious person cannot consent. It is rape.

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Its so recurrent on this professional carreer woman to play their games, look at the news about the lawyer of Johny depp leaving her husband and the 2 sons, the acuser probably had lots of sex affairs and she is probably not a victim and it wasn t a rape but instead rwo adults excited.

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Odd that this took place in a Parliament building and there's no supporting video evidence / cctv footage?

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