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Man suspected in 20 tourist deaths arrested in Mexico


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Well.. the Koran doesn't demand they cover their identities.. "hijab" ... "veiled" means that women be modest in your dress and in your actions. There are no specifications that they have to wear a burka, that's just personal preference. If you look at the differences between women's "modest dress"/ "hijab" between nations that cater to muslims, there are very different styles of dress in each one and each one claims to follow the commandment of being modest.

The gospel of Christ teaches us to be modest in our dress and actions as well; maybe in a way there's something for us to learn from muslim practice. After all, muslim and christian dress used to be identical .. until some brilliant feudal lord decided that there needed to be a separation and created sumptuary laws prohibiting Christians and muslims to be dressed in the same manner so it was easier to differentiate one from the other.

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lolol. omg. sorry. I went away from my comp for a sec and came back forgetting i changed articles and wanted to comment on a different one and didn't see. erg. embarrassing. my apologies.

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erg.. but i guess as far as this goes.. This crap happens ALL THE TIME in Mexico.. and the world wonders why Americans DON'T LIKE MEXICANS all over the border illegally. Wonder why. Only SOUTHERN states understand the issues at the border because it's NOT on the news.. they won't SHOW to the rest of the States what's realllllly going on because they don't want to add to the agenda of political crisis' already going on. THE GOVMNT WON'T TAKE CARE OF IT. They don't WANT people to know HOW SERIOUS AN ISSUE IT IS. I'm just glad the Mexican President is starting to get things taken care of since obviously the US President won't do anything about it. The only place in America I would truly fear for my life..is close to the border. People get shot and killed and kidnapped near the border every day. BY MEXICANS. And that's not racism, that's a FACT. And that's not an exaggeration. Yes it's easier to smuggle drugs through Canada into Northern part of the States, but all the bad crap happens in the south. The smart smugglers have better methods >D lol.

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Thanks Colum for the American propaganda view comments. Now to let you and everyone here the other side of the story. First of all, Mexicans, Guatemalens, Colombians are all killing each other to SELL these drugs to the USA, to Western Europe, Japan etc.. The $$$$$$$$$$$ that fuels all of this narco violence is coming from the USA$$$$$ yes, sir! Those BIG guns, big machine guns, night vision goggles etc..all or most from the USA. So why you can rant and rave that some people in the USA do not like Mexicans and other Latinos, guess what?? Do you think Americans are liked South of the Border?? Go and ask Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez what they think of American Imperialism, American arrogance, American indifference to the suffering caused by all of the drug addicts in the USA. So, keep on getting stoned, high as a kite and try to forget that all those drugs your people are buying from those Mexicans, well it is all BLOOD MONEY. Lots and lots of blood on American drug addicts hands. By the way, these so called 20 tourists from the state of Michoacan do not sound like tourists, we Mexicans just laugh at these stupid news. No body gets picked up by accident in Mexico, then gets tortured then cut up to pieces just by accident. Me thinks the so called mechanics from Michoacan we are involved in the narco drug trade, so what comes around goes around, karma is very, very strict.

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