Man who exposed buttocks on flight charged for plane ruckus


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ruckus? how about a buttkus?

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I really hope this moron has the book thrown at him. And then gets a good kick up the butt for good measure.

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This is why airlines generally refuse boarding to inebriated passengers.

He was headed to Florida to work as a football coach. Change of plans.

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I presume that can was beer.

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Now, @KobeWhiteBarOwner 9:47pm this story made me recall one of your recent comments: “*Qcue Benny Hill music!*”

“ threw a can that hit another passenger, pulled down his pants, exposed his buttocks to a flight attendant, Shane McInerney, 29, of Galway, “created ... numerous disturbances" -

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Benny Hill with a pissed Irishman on a plane getting chased being asked to put on a mask and mooning! Ok I’ll send what I can prepare for YouTube.

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Looking forward to it @KWBO: the song is “Yakety Sax”

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What a bummer

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Well, that's pretty much standard behavior for a maskhole.

(Thanks to whichever of Colbert's writers came up with that perfect term for these folks)

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Bang him up. What a moron.

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Thanks for including that he was Irish. That immediately got all the stereotypes into mind, good and bad. The story doesn't mention alcohol. Is that an oversight?

I've taken a number of flights from Europe to JFK on Delta. Can't think of any that went smooth. There was always some issue, if not on the plan, being groped by airport security BEFORE boarding. On one flight, they ran out of the cheaper beer and refused to provide the premium beer for the same price. That didn't bother me, but there were 5 men who were really unhappy about that. I don't see being upset over a beverage.

What a bummer

Nicely done sir. Very nice.

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I have always known that this site is full of Anti-Irish people. The above comments are just another example of Anti-Irish opportunism. I have come across truck-loads of British passengers behaving just as badly as this idiot. As an Irishman, I am outraged by this idiot and he should be banned from flying for life. But so should the British idiots that I regularly have to put up with when travelling. Its not one nationality. Such idiots come from everywhere and they all should be banned from ever getting onto another plane. ts a serious issue and shouldn't be reduced to racist-profiling.

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