Mandela 'improving' as Obama lands in S Africa


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Wow Obama can even heal the sick! What a guy!

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I was just about to say the exact same thing. Darn it!!

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These snide putdowns make me think you should copy the lyrics to "We are the World" on the chalkboard 100 times.

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Here is the lyrics of "We Are The World". Just beautiful.

Mandela has been playing an important role in Obama's life. He has been very inspirational role model to Obama.

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Mandela, who turns 95 next month, might recover, I do hope so but all those who love and respect him must also accept he's surly in the last of his moonlight and the light is fading. I think its not only amazing what he suffered, what he gave to his beloved country and the world, but also after decades of mistreatment that he even managed to live for so long and even outliving so many of his former enemies. He did make a difference to our world and will go down in history as one of the greats.

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zichi - agreed.

Completely unlike Obama.

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Then we have good old Mitt Romney, who wasn't even able to keep his own dog healthy in a cartop carrier.

The main newsworthy event for Romney lately was trading in his Mustang for a conversion van. If he got the model with a hot tub and shag carpet, then he must be hungry to relive his '70s glory days.

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Awooga awooga--sore McCain/Palin/Romney/Ryan voter zone--may cause disturbances through 2016--awooga awooga

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"sore McCain/Palin/Romney/Ryan voter zone"

Personally I never remember the names of the losers on American Idol, but I agree there are some bitter and twisted people out there.

Fellas, seriously - Obama's going to see the family of a sick man revered by just about everyone, get over it!

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