Manhunts, death threats as Europe on high terror alert


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Let's hope this never makes its way to Japan or more broadly APAC. Makes the prospect of travel to Europe even less appealing.

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France and the rest of Western Europe really have to reevaluate not only their standard procedures of what to do with potential terrorists, but allowing radical Imams give preaches on how to kill Europeans and bring SHARIA law to Western Europe, this is NOT freedom of Speach this is just plain stupid to allow such hate speach coming to your local mosques etc..but White NON Muslim Europeans also have to THINK about other issues. Why are so many French citizens of Arab or Black African origin being discriminated against in the employment sector and how long will this freedom of speech baloney go on before the French etc...realize it is more like HATE SPEECH against their Muslim minorites and it is all connected to the rest of the so called Muslim world. So both the French, Western Europe and the Muslim world, need to have talks, not VIOLENCE. Is this possible??

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So now, Germans are not allowed to protest against islamization in... Germany!

Why don´t the European governments introduce Shariah right now and get it over with?

This is depressing.

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Preaching hate in a mosque is ok but do not draw cartoons, do not meet in groups to march against evil, Europe is doomed.

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Apparently the UK has upped its terror alert from "substantial" to "severe". Presumably all that's left after that is "blind panic". And from the country that said keep calm and carry on during the blitz.

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'Fresh protests broke out Sunday in Pakistan where thousands gathered in almost all major cities, including Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, chanting angry slogans and burning French flags.'

As many have pointed out before, I wonder where they get all these flags from. I remember quite a few Danish flags going up in smoke a few years ago too. Perhaps these impressive displays of how we should be more tolerant of all religious ideas is a warm up to the main show of having a blasphemer or adulterer publicly executed.

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Flags are easy to manufacture, just print it on appropriate cloth any plant can do it. Not like the dimensions and designs are secret. ;)

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@Its me Erm....I think you're missing the point. I can't imagine a large supply of French or particularly Danish flags are readily on sale in these cities. It's quite a society and a mindset that can make a few quid by printing off a bumper supply of flags to be burned in a tantrum.

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The extremists make their own flags, like Al Queda or ISIS flags or sport or demo banners.

They don't need to buy nor them nor high tech equipment, that is the point.

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I wish the press would stop calling these terrorists "jihadists". What they do is strictly against the Quran. The Prophet himself laid down the principles of religous tolerance. These people are thugs and criminals and do not deserve to be called mujahideen.

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Agree with your sentiments re the Koran, but it's the terrorists themselves who claim to be Jihadists.

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Seems these muslim fanatics are at war with anyone and everything they decide they don't like, this war is being waged on many fronts around the world. Denial wont win it or stop them, the world must face upto what is going on and put an end to this.

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