Manning betrayed U.S. by spilling secrets: prosecutor


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Can you betray a betrayer? Is that not like stealing from a thief? The U.S. government betrayed the people by unnecessarily keeping secrets from us. Manning gave us back the freedom of information the people of America deserve and need.

Fein told the court that Manning “delivered these documents ready-made for use by the enemy.”

What enemy? What paranoid delusion is this guy living? How has the U.S. been harmed? Where is the blow back?

I will tell you where the problem is: In paranoid tortured minds scared witless thinking everyone is out to get them but no, no, oh no not the U.S. government who they think spies on them for their own protection!

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Yes the US government suffers from paranoia. Covering things up by making them secret. What they are upset about is not the enemies finding out, they already know. What makes them upset is its own citizens finding out. Not that it matters as most Americans are unaware of things outside of their lives or sports.

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And now they surround a trial with secrecy too! When are the American people going to wake up?

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He's going to get what he deserves. He went well beyond whistle blowing.

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Maybe Manning is the true patriot.

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Of The Government, By The Government, For The Government...

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Lock him up and throw away the key.

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Mr Coombs, Mannings defence lawyer "displayed a photo of Pte Manning wearing what appeared to be make-up and a bra.

"What you see there is a young man who is cross-dressing," Mr Coombs said. "Just maybe that person is smiling because he can be himself at that moment." "

Mod you light wish to acquaint yourself with the case.

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