Many thorny global situations hinge on U.S. election outcome


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China has become a focus of Trump’s criticism in recent months

While Trump and his family continue doing business with Chinese Communist Party members.

Trump's approach to global issues starts with him deciding which countries he can make the most money for himself and his family.

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Write in Jo Jorgensen for President if her name isn't on your ballot.

Her wacky running mate goes by "Spike" Cohen. This is 100% true.

I suspect most liberals would love her positions on most things. I know Mexico and the rest of Latin American would love her open-borders policy. Many Japanese here would love that she wants to close all overseas US military bases and bring the troops home.

That's the next best thing to writing in "None of the above", assuming Trump is really going to lose as predicted.

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Don't worry dems. If Biden wins you'll be back to destabalizing the middle east in no time.

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