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Marine Le Pen charged over EU funding scandal

By Lionel Bonaventure

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Wasn't she trumps choice? 

Amazing how degenerates spot each other.

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millions of euros and 40 assistants. my god, i wanna job with her. not really, but this article claimed she was thrashed in the elections, but one in three french people believe her far right policies...that is a lot!

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Excellent news. Le Pen obviously doesn't despise the EU as much as was claimed....

Now if the lawmakers over in the UK can focus on the likes of UKIP and other fringe nasties, see what can be dug up.

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political witchhunt, nothing else.

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political witchhunt, nothing else.

I imagine some said the same about the Nuremberg Trials. If the corrupt politician was left leaning, you'd be baying for blood.

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Great news! Put the cow in jail where she belongs, her fraudulent crimes are staggering

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