Married only minutes, Texas newlyweds killed in crash


Harley Morgan was still wearing his dark suit and Rhiannon Boudreaux her wedding dress when the Texas "childhood sweethearts" were killed in a crash with a truck minutes after they were married.

Nineteen-year-old Morgan and 20-year-old Boudreaux were pronounced dead Friday at the scene by the same justice of the peace who had just married them.

"I'm talking five minutes. You may kiss the bride," said Orange Police Cpt. Keith Longlois. "The family was right behind them. They were all going out to go to wherever they were going to have their reception," he said.

Longlois said they were "childhood sweethearts" who decided to be married by a popular Orange County Justice of the Peace Joy Dubose-Simonton.

He said the groom was driving when he tried to exit the driveway of the Justice of The Peace building onto a five-lane highway. A truck pulling a trailer carrying a heavy tractor slammed into their vehicle. The force was so great that witnesses said the car flipped multiple times before coming to rest in a ditch.

The driver of the truck was not identified but Longlois said he was cooperating with the investigation and there was no sign of wrongdoing. Drug and alcohol tests would be conducted, he said.

"I had to sit there and watch my two babies die," the mother of the groom, LaShawna Morgan, told the Beaumont Enterprise.


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Photograph of the couple in the linked article.

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So sad---it's heart breaking. I hope the families find a way to heal.

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But for the vicissitudes of existence, there go I.

Life is short. Life is beautiful.

I hope they died quickly. And in each other's grasp.

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Just like guns, people in the States will offer prayers and condolences but nothing will change. Traffic is so backed up where I live because trucks are going 50 in both lanes on a 75 mph road, blocking passing. So many accidents because drivers getting peeved and speeding around or semi truck drivers having sleep deprivation.

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Pshaw. American roads are some of the safest in the word.

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Pshaw. American roads are some of the safest in the word

Not even in the top twenty of the safest roads in the world....

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Sad. A slight lack of concentration and it is over. A clear Friday afternoon, East Texas town. The couple was from Vidor.

The road is a semi-divided hwy, straight road, flat, unobstructed view for 2 miles in both directions.

The driver didn't look. That's all. I can't imagine a safer road.

Here's where it happened:,-93.7951599,13z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x863eab10227227c1:0xa40918184fdf807c!8m2!3d30.0701727!4d-93.7956191

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They loved each other, married each other and died together. Terrible tragedy. So sad.

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Based on what, pray tell? The the website: It's True 'Cause I say so?

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Not sure about the driving skill of those involved in this tragic accident, but a lot of the drivers in Texas are like cowboys at a rodeo. It's pretty wild compared to other parts of the U.S., and the design of the roads is different. For example, when entering a highway, the merging lane is more like a short merging jag of roadway and you've got to yield. Also, you've got to come to a full stop before merging (if I'm not mistaken), then you've got to floor it when you have a chance to get on the highway.

It's still a most tragic and unfortunate accident on such a special day as this.


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