Mass grave found near Mexico town hit by violence


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If these innocent dead students had been American, the United States would likely invade Mexico and slaughter those suspected of killing them. But they weren't and so it doesn't matter to Americans, even though the drug cartels and their corrupt political cronies are likely to blame for the mass murder -- cartels and their allies who supply American and Canadian street drug users, including judges, lawyers, cops, and politicians, church leaders, children and so-call ordinary folks, with the street drugs they crave, no matter how many tens of thousands of Mexicans are brutally tortured and murdered. Absolutely disgusting.

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I think Mexico has to take responsibility for becoming a place of law and order, Rudy. I don't buy the logic that American drug addiction is a direct cause of homicides in Mexico. What about Mexican drug addicts?

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I think Mexico has to take responsibility for becoming a place of law and order

Mexico has been attempting to do that for the past few years. It's turned into crazy drug wars, with thousands of police, civilian and gangster deaths. The cartels aren't willing to give up that easily. Not when there are billions of dollars to be made selling drugs to the US and Europe.

I don't buy the logic that American drug addiction is a direct cause of homicides in Mexico. What about Mexican drug addicts?

Drugs in Mexico cost pennies. If it were only Mexican addicts paying for drugs, the cartels wouldn't exist, as the demand wouldn't be enough to support them. It's when you add in America and Europe as markets, in which the drugs take many times the money as they do in Mexico, that the cartels can be supported.

It's actually very simple logic, it's amazing that you are not able to get it.

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Mexico has been corrupt and chaotic for decades. Long before the drug cartels. The mass murders seem to be a recent addition to Mexico's list of problems. That addition seems not exclusive to Mexico sadly.

Something more has been taking place with some people or groups of people with a complete lack of empathy.

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"... local police are being investigated for roles in the disappearance. He said state investigators had obtained videos showing that local police arrested an undetermined number of students after the first incident and took them away."

The "students" have previously hijacked buses(usually considered an act of terrorism) and seem to have been "disappeared" at the hands of police. Seems like wrong vs wrong.

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So, Mexico is left to be a hell on earth ? It seams so called civilized society dosent exist in this world, but its used as a political tool . Sadly , US dont care for small people, they need people who are happy to work for small pays ,and who are happy just to be alive, and Mexicans are also one of the people who are coming in the US , and working for small pays .

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People outside North and South America have no idea what a hellhole a lot of Mexico. I have met quite a few Japanese, Australians and English people who talked about how they are dying to go to Mexico.

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Everything is RELATIVE, so Mexico seems really bad compared to Japan?? No problem, most Latin Americans could care less, but Mexico looks really good compared to its NEIGHBORS, like Guatemala, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, and most of Mexico is NOTHING like the worst parts that take up the NEWS here! Chicago, parts of LA, Miami, NYC seem more like a hell on earth than most of Mexico. As Rudy and Strangerland point out, the US DRUG ADDICT POPULATION is DIRECTLY related to the narco violence in Mexico but if you are HIGH AS A KITE?? Up in Smoke?? Nice Dreams, Fast Times at Ridgemont High etc..well, you get the picture, NOTHING makes sense if you hare too stoned out of your brains and if you DO NOT care what or how you get your DRUGS, as long as you can get high again, so this violence etc..will be with us for a LONG, LONG TIME! But to be honest, these students who were killed, I think they have NOTHING to do with drugs, etc..they just pissed off the wrong politicians, the wrong cops now they are all dead and these corrupt politicians from the state of Guerrero,where Acapulco is located, well they are NO WHERE TO BE FOUND!

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Twenty years from now America will look like Mexico the cartels are already in Texas, Los Angeles , Chicago if you go to these large cities you will see what drug money does and the Mexican people there are not just simply working in small jobs that's all Bull crap. Mexico is a cess pool and so are the cities where you see a big influx of these people living in the US in a Japan the people buy toilet paper and dispose it the correct way well now a days here in the US the newly uncivilized Mexican wipe and throw the toilet paper in the trash cans. Pampers they throw out of moving cars on to the freeways and streets. The filth and crime as made its way to the US the crime the drugs and the uneducated as well as hardened criminals. It won't be long before we see the bodies being buried here in the US just about every Mexican politician that is in office or had a chance to run for office and succeeded has been thrown out of office for corruption. Its a way of life the police are corrupt the people are corrupt they have no morals or values this is why its a lawless society with those in power carrying the biggest guns. El Buda Mexicano mentioned Chicago I wonder if he has ever been to Chicago the Mexican border is thousands of miles away from that city but if you go their you would think you are in Mexico that's just how populated the city is and was and still is a well know hub for the biggest drug cartel from Mexico. Here you had a country that has been in existence for thousands of years and still corrupt and then you have a country like Japan that was nearly blown to pieces that built it self up to become the second largest economy in the world and if you look at the two you would ask yourself and come to the conclusion that I find Japan a peaceful loving country and the people are very hard working and honest and respect their fellow country man. on the other hand you have Mexico corrupt no morals no values no love or respect for their own kind this country will never change they will just spread to other countries and do as they did in Mexico and before you know it drag that country down. The US will fall because the country is getting number and dumber and the people who are getting the handouts will continue to cycle the number and dumber!

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So, Mexico is left to be a hell on earth ? It seams so called civilized society dosent exist in this world, but its used as a political tool . Sadly , US dont care for small people, they need people who are happy to work for small pays ,and who are happy just to be alive, and Mexicans are also one of the people who are coming in the US , and working for small pays .

What a load of crock! The US has poured Billions into the Mexican economy, most of Latin America as a matter of fact. Technically, Mexico should not be a poor country at all, it could have been one of THE richest countries in the world, Number 1 in Silver production, they have lots of oil, 2 beautiful coastlines, a great culture, but the corruption is out of control, from the politicians to the police and the drug cartels, it's crazy, really crazy. I have been all over Mexico, one of my favorite countries to visit, been there 23 times, but NOW....NO WAY! If you want to make an argument that the US and Europe have an insatiable hunger for drugs, you won't hear any arguments from me. The same argument goes for the drug cartels buying weapons in the US, I get that as well, but Mexico also needs to take responsibility for it's own mess and corruption and they need to find a way to weed it out however and which ever way they can.

As for the small pay is concerned, you have that in every country, people from 3rd would countries doing menial jobs, jobs that native citizens would never do. Even Mexico has migrant workers and they pay them very low wages as well. No one will dispute that Mexicans aren't hardworking people. They never complain, they do their jobs and they do it well. But if the US were to pay these people high wages, you can expect the cost of your produce to increase and I don't see that happening anytime real soon.


What are you talking about??? Not as bad???

Mexico is beyond violent, the murder and carnage is equally as bad, if NOT worse than ISIS and when they behead a victim, they just turn it up a whole new level of horrific barbarism in ways that you think was out of a Hollywood movie. Los Zetas are still the worst of THE absolute worst. Beheading people with chainsaws?? Cartel Del Golfo-Using axes and acid and let's NOT forget the Sinaloa and Tijuana cartels which are in the running to be the biggest baddest and most powerful cartel in the world and there are 4 more, the entire country is a mess and they are NOT only killing the opposition, but they are killing and hacking rival members and Journalists and anyone they feel could potentially pose a threat to their underworld and don't even think about snitching, that'll give you the fastest exit from Earth ticket. El, you have to be kidding yourself if you think these kids are still alive, I will bet you that in some way or another they were executed, but for what, I have NO idea, but there must have been a reason.

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@Strangerland So what exactly should the US do? Seal the border? Tighten up gun sales? I could get behind those things. I doubt they will stop the problem, though. What I can't get behind is sending US troops to solve someone else's problem with no benefit to the US or somehow magically eliminating drug addiction. The US won't do that for anybody. China, btw, is the number supporter of despotic regimes, so to complain about the US-Mexico relationship is laughable.

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This isn't the first student massacre by authorities in Mexico. But it's been a while (IIRC) and I guess they thought they were done with that. Got to wonder, what were the cops thinking? Nobody would look into it?

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The corruption in Mexico is pervasive even at the lowest levels not to mention mid and upper level officials.

Mexico could be very wealthy, productive, and in the global leaders. The corruption culture will never allow that. As mentioned above Mexico has been given plenty of opportunities from the US. NAFTA is still there. The billions of dollars are mis-spent. The resources are abounding, yet a mess in Mexico.

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1M-peso reward poster by Guerrero state government for information on the disappeared, with faces of 43:

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El Buda Mexico needs to take care of there own but that won't happen because the politicians the army the police all the way down to everyday people crime is a way of life in Mexico and nothing will change. Every on of your country me. and women that I know and have come across has said their is no way you can pay them to live in Mexico but like most mexicans including yourself fly your country flag proudly in other countries no shame at all. air the country was loved so much why are so many risking their lives to leave.

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Kaimy, You forget that CALIFORNIA, NEVADA, TEXAS, ARIZONA, etc..were MEXICO and we have the right to fly our colors, just like you wanna run around with the red, white and blue at Olympic Stadiums, we do it at the Soccer world cup, and what does this have to do with drug cartels?? NOTHING! Anyway, as BASSFUNK mentioned, the USA, and basically ALL RICH COUNTRIES oh INCLUDING JAPAN, have a DRUG PROBLEM and the MAFIAS in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador do not SHED ANY TEARS for all of the druggies in NYC or Chicago or anywhere. Most Americans think that these mafia narco terrorists represent Mexico, that is as stupid as saying that the CRIPS and BLOODS are the real representatives of the USA! Ok, throw in the Hells Angels, the Mongols, the Bandidos over in TEXAS they REPRESENT ALL OF THE USA?? No, of course not! What do all of these gangs have in COMMON?? On BOTH sides of the border, these nice guys are all about $$$$$!! They do not care about our lives and if our daughters or sons have to PIMP themselves to get DRUGS and end up with AIDS etc...they could care less, just $$$ and $$$ and POWER and $$$$.So, is Mexico any different?? No, bad rotten people are not only in Mexico, just go to nice places like CHICAGO, DETROIT etc...see how quickly you can get shot for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. By the way, my relatives do have the bad fortune of having settled out there, god only knows why! You could not pay me to EVEN VISIT, I hate dirty violent places and if it is FREEZING COLD, well, rather have the Latin Kings etc.enjoy that nice weather than me.

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