May says Trump told her to 'sue EU'

By Jack Taylor

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This demonstrates Trump's total incompetence.

Sue them? Which court? What for? And most importantly to what possible purpose? I can't think how Mrs May stopped herself bursting into fits of laughter at him.

His experience is so shallow he knows nothing else - if its complicated and he's not getting his way when he stamps his feet his only thought is to sue.

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I could fully understand why she thought it was tough. 

There exists a line not so fine between toughness and insanity.

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Great Donald. Sue them. You really think there'd be a court ruling by March 2019?

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Trump is a joke.

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Trump is embarrassed that the UK don't like him. That Trump baby balloon got him upset. Waaaah!

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Trump talks out of his arse

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Trump talks out of his arse : Usually. But he was correct when he pointed out that we are enemies at war.

Who are at war? Are you talking trade? Clearly nothing stops a war like suing the other side. If only the French and British had sued Hitler in the 1930's, then WW2 would never have happened...

Trump's comments show his attitude to negotiation. Don't. As world leaders come to realise this, they'll stop bothering and come to alternate arrangements. If a leader wants to isolate their country from the rest of the world and end up having the influence of a damp squid, I say let them.

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Who are at war? Are you talking trade?

The rest of the world has a trade war with America. America has had a trade imbalance in their favor for too long, resulting in their having the strongest economy in the world. We need to fight them and redistribute trade with America to trade with each other. We cannot afford to let America screw the rest of us any longer.

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Maybe she misheard and he said "Scr+w" the EU"?

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The USA is at war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, maybe Haiti, maybe Mali, Somalia, oh WTH. It's all entertainment on 'reality' TV for the American public and nobody here gives a **** (insert your favorite 4-letter word here)!

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If you believe that you can win, then sue them, as simple as that. If you can't win, then don't sue, and don't negotiate either, is that clear ?

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Trump talks out of his arse

Usually. But he was correct when he pointed out that we are enemies at war.

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"Trump is a joke"

Then why are you crying instead of laughing? Hee hee!

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she is a loud mouth tell tale.

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"Sue the EU."

Kinda has a ring to it.

"Actually, no, we're going into negotiations with them"

Good luck with that, Theresa.

"Sue them? What for?"

For making it impossible for the U.K. to control their own borders, for starters.

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The U.K. needs to stop funding the ever money hungry wasting EU!

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