McCain calls for U.S.-led airstrikes in Syria


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So what would you call Iran?

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Yes, yes, we heard you, Senator. We'll get those darned kids off your yard. Whippersnappers.

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What's with the sudden reversal by McCain? Testing the waters to see if there is support, then letting the Republican candidates run with it if there is?

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bass4funkMar. 06, 2012 - 09:34AM JST So what would you call Iran?

It is the US, UK, and the other UN members who are the warmongers. How many innocent people do you think have been killed by them in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya ? Do you have no idea of how many Palestinians have been killed and maimed by Israel ?

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Uhh, I don't think you really want to go there. Keep the emotion out of it.

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Bush I, Bush II and now McCain. We (USA) are the policemen of the world. This philosophy will totally bankrupt the USA, at the expense of future generations. It is time for the other countries in the world to accept their responsibility to protect freedom and let the Yanks come home. "There is no place like home."

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They should take his advice. Obviously makes sense given the situation in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, soon Iran ....

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Take whose advice? Yanks have to come home, Congress has to be the only group that can declare war, and the world needs to accepts its responsibility to save the rest of the humanity. The USA taxpayers have paid "their fair share."

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it is time for john mccain to retire.

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I don't understand the staunch opposition to this. Of course Assad and friends should be given reasonable ultimatums first. But failing that I am not so against military targets getting blasted.

My biggest concern is that they will go straight after Assad, and kill innocent family members like they did to Gadaffi's grandkids.

But over and above this, I would prefer to not get involved except to arm the people. Even so, I don't understand these attacks on McCain.

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McCain is a crazy warmonger! He had his day in Vietnam and now he wants to push his faulty and twisted policy around. You know, I'm in the military and an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran, boots on the ground, and have much respect for his service , but I don't agree with his stupid infantile remarks. Go chill out and enjoy your retirement!

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Keep the emotion out of it.

Sounds like you would prefer to keep the truth out of it Bass4funk

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"My friends we can do this." John chill out with the wars.

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Instead of "Drill, baby, drill" is it "Bomb, baby, bomb?" Where are the Arab countries on this issue? The USA is NOT the policeman of the world. Those countries have US made planes, bombs and other weapons. Use them first, then ask the USA taxpayers to subsidize defense again." Yank come home" and stay out of their business.

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But over and above this, I would prefer to not get involved except to arm the people. Even so, I don't understand these attacks on McCain.

Happens all the time. I didn't vote for McCain in the last election but after watching some of his arguments and presentations on C-SPAN i think I would have changed my decision. The US has found a way to influence conflict zones without putting soldiers on the ground and it's eager to perfect the art. We did a pretty good job in Libya and the crackdown there wasn't half as bad as whats happening in Syria

Despite the way it has been characterized internationally, Libya was a civil war whereas in Syria the government is just killing civilians. From a moral standpoint that makes the situation in Syria worse, but from a practical standpoint, there isn't an opposition force for our military to support.

I think the establishment of a no-kill zone and selected strikes on Syrian artillery positions wouldn't be a bad thing to leave on the table. But since McCain proposed it its immediatly met with aggression.

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Many countries were eager to see America's new quagmire after Iraq and afghanistan, by the way what about North Korea, Mr McCain?

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On the contrary, I'm all for truth and dialogue, don't agree with a lot of a lot of things Vic said, he has a right to his beliefs as I do mine, but I was just saying, he seemed to get bent out of shape about this story and started injecting his own personal feelings which I don't care for and are NOT relevant to the discussion.

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That is pure idiocy coming from McCain. Alas, Obama has the same lunatic view of the Middle East, and is already now endorsing arms sales to the Syrian "freedom fighters".

Both McCain and Obama are unable or unwilling to learn from disastrous experiences.

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" Instead of "Drill, baby, drill" is it "Bomb, baby, bomb?" Where are the Arab countries on this issue? "

The Sunni Arab countries actually agree on this. Like McCain and Obama, they can not wait to see Assads secular Alevite regime be replaced by a Muslim Brotherhood Shariah regime, following the brilliant "successes" in Tunesia, Libya, and Egypt.

So, it is a happy family of Western fools and Arab islamists. Does that make you feel better?

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I'm of 2 minds about this subject. On the one hand, I hate seeing the Assad government going around and murdering its citizens. That is unacceptable. On the other hand, I have to ask, why is the US the worlds policeman? I don't think we should involve ourselves. The US should not jump in every time some local dictator starts murdering people. Not in Syria, not in Nigeria, or for that matter, in China, or Russia as well. Its simply, none of our business.

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Not in Iran.

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