McCarthy says Biden must tighten border to avert U.S. government shutdown

By David Morgan

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And how much additional funding where there be for this tightening or is this more magical thinking from the GOP?

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Like a drowning drunk, “My Kevin”rails that it’s Biden’s fault that he’s about to drown before he slips beneath the waves.

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some Republican hardliners have threatened to move to oust McCarthy from his leadership role if he relies on Democratic votes to pass legislation.

The Senate and the Executive are Democratic. There is no way they’ll pass anything without bipartisan support in the House.

Of course, Matt Gaetz and his silly band of nihilists are not really serious about anything but ousting McCarthy, sucking up to Trump and MAGA world, and making a name for themselves. At the expense of the United States. What patriots.

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U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday called on President Joe Biden to agree to tight border restrictions in order to prevent wide swaths of the U.S. government from shutting down for the fourth time in a decade.

Sorry Kevin - no matter how much you try, you can't deflect from the fact that this is all an inter-Repub fight...

Your Kook Caucus is calling for your resignation, saying you're "weak", a "misogynist", and a ""lying dog"....any Dems insulting you like that?

Americans have seen that the Repub clown show is all chaos and disfunction - kindergartners are better behaved...

Enjoy your Speaker's office now - you won't be in it much longer if Matt Gaetz has his way...

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To keep the government open, if the president was willing to change part of his plan along this border, we can fund this government going forward," McCarthy told reporters."

Laughable. Kevin McCarthy and his caucsucus have no credibility. Assuming the President and Senate Democrats were willing to entertain this change, as soon as they agreed the Free-Dumb Caucsucus would demand more concessions. Better to say nothing and let the Repubes crash and burn on their own.

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Kevin McCarthy,

You are an incompetent "leader" who is about to "lead" your partner into the political wilderness without so much as a pair of boots by shutting down the government because you are incapable of controlling the moron wing of your caucus. Do you have anything to say?

Kevin: "Squirrel!"


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