Melbourne opens up dining, shopping as four-month virus lockdown lifted


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Melbourne has done it hard but under the circumstances but I reckon they've pulled through brilliantly. Heres hoping they can get back on their feet again and find at least a semblance of normality. Lot of armchair experts out there thinking the measures were excessive, and perhaps so, but they made the call, stuck to it and brought the numbers right down again. A credit to the good people of Victoria.

Even if Covid does prove to be not as dangerous as first thought, no one knew that back then and the horror scenes coming out of places like Italy you would've had to be a dangerous mug not to take the situation seriously. Everything's clear in hindsight of course. Big learning curve for all and now we get to see the post corona World 2.0 from it's inception. What it will look like is still anyones guess. Stay safe and upbeat people, we are turning the corner on this thing finally it seems. Back to business; smarter, leaner, hungrier.

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Even if Covid does prove to be not as dangerous as first thought,

America tells a story. The average yearly mortality in the US from flu over the past 10 years is approx 35,900.

The worst year it was 61,000 and the best figure was 12,000. In eight months in the US which has had cities and states taking the precautions of masks, social distancing and discouraging large crowds the figure is over 227,000 dead. People do not normally social distance or isolate or wear masks when they get the flu or in flu season. Any way you look at the figure the covid virus is many times more deadly than the flu making precautions necessary to reduce its deadly effects.

Melbourne has handled it's second wave in the way designed to reduce mortality to a minimum, and in the process has reduced the numbers catching the flu during flu season. American and European cities should follow Melbourne's example if they wish to save lives and keep case numbers down in a manageable range.

It is not easy but what would you do to save a family member from passing before their time, in what by all accounts is a drawn out experience that feels like drowning?

Good job Melbourne, enjoy your beers and the spring sunshine. Be proud of your achievement.

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Ricky Kaminski, Peter14:

Smart posts, gentlemen.

It's not over yet (won't be till it's over worldwide) but we're in a better place to handle whatever comes up next than we were pre-lockdown.

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And what will they do in Victoria when new cases pop up again? If you are thinking of taking a job as a barista in Melbourne, don't, get the heck out of Victoria if you can and be a barista in Brisbane. Just drop off the key Lee, and set yourself free.

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