Melinda Gates criticizes ex-husband for Epstein meetings


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Bill gates is a scientist now? Follow the science!

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Happy Day

This guy’s a sicko. Why does anyone ask his advice on dealing with COVID?

Because he knows what he is talking about.

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This guy’s a sicko. Why does anyone ask his advice on dealing with COVID?

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I wonder why she thought Epstein was so bad? Did he say or do something weird?

I've met a few paedophiles over the years, including Jimmy Savile. They all had this aura of incongruence, of something missing.

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She described Epstein in the meeting as "abhorrent," and "evil personified,"

That's some strong words. I've seen meetings with Jason Voorhees described in nicer terms.

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She should, he is a sleaze bag, everyone that knows him knows this. His squeaky clean image has been carefully planned by image consultants.

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A socialite and donor, his network of relationships extended from former presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton to British Prince Andrew.

When conservatives use the phrase 'class warfare' to refer to worker rights, increased wages and socialist proposals to benefit the public, remember how cliquish the uber wealthy have been about Epstein.

They have no shame about circling the wagons about topics like this into which they have a lot invested.

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She described Epstein in the meeting as "abhorrent," and "evil personified," but declined to say if she requested her husband to stop meeting with him.

Be vague, drop hints, be in command of a vast tax-free "foundation" (billionaire wealth scam).

Waiting for one of the too numerous Epstein connected to actually put their money where their mouth is.

They cannot say they lack the means, power and influence.

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Physically sickening to imagine what these sick old men got up to on that island. We know for a fact despicable Epstein had a predilection for children. Anyone accompanying him on his private island knew what was happening and were complicit.

Hopefully more victims will come forward and identify the perpetrators. Most will never be brought to justice.

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Am I missing something?

Did Bill know Epstein was a predator?

Did Melinda know Epstein was a predator?

If they did, why did they meet with him?

If they/she didn't, why did she have nightmares after meeting him?

This whole piece and what she is saying makes no sense to me.

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She's trying to avoid the fallout

What is she so worried about that she suddenly feels the need to repent and point fingers?

Is she implicating Bill? He actively avoids talking about their relationship...

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She's teaching a valuable lesson to billionaires:

Don't Marry.

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Billionaires travel in billionaire circles. Most of them have secrets they'd rather not let the public in on. Not saying Bill is an Epstein type. Just can't immediately put everyone who met the evil one in the same boat. That relatively small group of people in the club rarely rub elbows below the high-multimillionaire level. They're bound to run into someone who has some very dark secrets to keep.

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How many times did Bill and Bill visit the island?

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Yep divorced from Gates, now trying to get divorced from Epstein too.

Her husband was his buddy and Epstein partially funded the foundation with both her and her husband's name on it. But now she had "nightmares" from seeing him ONCE? I guess she sleeps well now after counting all those piles of cash she had no involvement in making.

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"I wanted to see who this man was, and I regretted it from the second I stepped in the door," she said, without clarifying when the meeting occurred.

She described Epstein in the meeting as "abhorrent," and "evil personified," but declined to say if she requested her husband to stop meeting with him.

Isn't that great saying these things today yet I assume she didn't share these feelings with anyone at the time.

She's trying to whitewash her own personal history with him.

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