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Criminal gangs in Europe infiltrating legal world, Europol says


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Criminal networks in the European Union are penetrating legal businesses across the 27-nation bloc and rely heavily on corruption to develop their activities.

That means there are officials that accept bribe being paid in Europe too.

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Yes, they are called politicians

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Drug laws in Europe are with regard to using are not being enforced.

It is common to

see street drug deals.

Used needles are scattered over many a European street.

I have seen the disinterest of European police to investigate drug use, even when clear information was provided.

However, the police are more interested in stopping distribution, a positive.

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At the other end of the scale, capital has forced governments to water down regulations and under-fund regulators for the sake of "more efficient" markets and economies. This encourages destructive and then, as business pushes the boundaries, criminal behaviour, including bribery, on the part of otherwise legitimate business. It's not hard to see how organised crime can meet business in the middle, with realms like waste disposal, construction, real estate, security, "investment", import/export, even banking (some banks have been fined for financing cartels) meeting points.

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organized crime is one of the biggest threats we face today

the more things change, the more things stay the same...

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I have no words for that coming such suddenly and unexpected. lol

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Yeah unfortunate and disheartening but definitely not so surprising.

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