Mere gun lover, or Siberian spy? Maria Butina's curious path


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The United State politic was in really messed. The Democrats are opposing good relationship with Russia and they will oppose everything the President Trump does. The Democrat politicians do not want to see the President Trump's succeed.

The Democrats will hound the President Trump all the way from the start to finish line. 

In the end, she will be deported to the Russia without charge because FBI doesn't have enough evidence against her.

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She ain't all that considering some of the Russian beauties out there.

It doesn't take Michelangelo to paint a barn.*10ARMWW4hxuXQ9bw7B7PQg.jpeg

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She ain't all that considering some of the Russian beauties out there.

Russia isn’t even trying hard anymore now the Republican Party has capitulated to a foreign power....

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@blacklab We= our country

You do not speak for me. No one speaks for me. You've repeatedly divided the country up into 'you guys' and whichever group you claim to represent. It's the United States of America where individuals are allowed free thought, not the United States of Trump.

fake news=Emily Singer, 

So you meant a single source in the media. 'Media' is a plural term.

Until leaders and their representatives at every level, until opponents of the leader at every level, can be honest, the divisions in the US can't improve. But that seems to be what some extremists want.

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We= our country

fake news=Emily Singer, “senior political reporter” of left leaning media went viral on Twitter with her fake accusations of this Russian being in the Oval Office based on a pic she found on the internet of someone with red hair.

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Cameron Kasky gets his talking points from anti-gun groups and Dem politicians now that he is internet famous. A kid who was involved in a horrible tragedy who is being used for partisan politics.

The law also applies to Planned Parenthood and many other groups it’s not specific to just the NRA, so that’s quite misleading.

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@blacklaa Yeah she was in the Oval Office too according to the fake news media.

Which 'fake news media' reported this?

That’s what we

As a serial bifurcator, which 'we' are you referring to?

connect anything Russian

Some Americans, including those you've said aren't sufficiently 'patriotic', are concerned that Russia might be involved in trying to affect US politics. Not all Americans relish Putin's globalist faction meddling in US affairs, which many of us believe happened. Some Americans want US intelligence agencies to limit foreign involvement in US politics.

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Yeah she was in the Oval Office too according to the fake news media.

Oh wait that was someone else with red hair, never mind.

That’s what we have become by now in the haste to try to connect anything Russian to all the people/organizations liberals hate.

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The Russian Central Bank, the NRA, a National Prayer Breakfast and 'sex for job'--we're fast approaching the GOP's wheelhouse.

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Republican Party, Donald Trump, NRA, prayer breakfasts, FSB, Russia. It's all just co-incidence, right?

Waiting for 'can't prove it, can't prove it'.

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"Wait, hold on, this is getting lost in the fire: 

The NRA was LITERALLY colluding with a Russian spy and within 24 HOURS, there’s a law that saves them from having to disclose their dark money donors to the IRS. That’s a thing that happened." 

Wow; Government doesn't get much more corrupt than that.

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