Merkel cuts short holiday to face refugee policy storm


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Merkel has made sure without a shadow of a doubt that Islam perpetrates these types of actions against everyone regardless of race, religion, or location. I hope Germany and the rest of the EU start getting a grip on this. It's probably going to lead to more draconian methods to get the "refugees" out. It's not going to be pretty, but I agree that many countries need to start paying attention to their citizens needs first. I'm waiting to see how Merkel & Co are going to figure out what they should be doing to fix their self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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How is it possible that one person (Merkel) can so royally screw up the strongest country in Europe???

Unbelievable .........

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Still stubborn and in denial over her open door mass lax immigration policy that is a contributor to the rising terrorism and killing of German & EU citizens.

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This is what happens to politicians when they try to ring-fence important policies that have a direct effect on people's lives. Next time, let's hope there will be a modicum of public consultation, instead of unilateral action.

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Taking in other countries people (refugees) makes no sense. It's the same with Mexicans here in America. Too many countries feel sympathy for foreigners and not their own people. Stronger immigration requirements like Austria, Switzerland or even Japan should be required to make sure that only the most upstanding people are allowed entrance.

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