Merkel denounces new anti-Semitism from Arab refugees


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A very unwise woman.

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theFritzX, unwise in general, or unwise as per the article, and if the latter, why?

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The fact that no nursery, no school, no synagogue can be left without police protection dismays us

Tragic to read about this is happening in a civilised 21st century democracy, and particularly in one which has fought hard to rid itself of this appalling discrimination after such a dark history of it.

She played fast and loose with the security of Germany. She says she’s dismayed by this but she shouldn’t be shocked.

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for the answer to your question see Jimizo, below. Thats it in a nutshell.

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Of course she shouldnt be shocked. And there are more 'unforseen' consequences to come. I feel sorry for germany and, as Merkel is hellbent on inflicting her silly policy EU wide, other EU states.

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Another country, Israel, that's treated in the press with legitimacy.

And then there's this:

A bill that would criminalise boycotts against Israel has been signed by 45 US senators and 237 congressman.

Merkel and her "two state solution" is just perpetuating the crimes of Israel. Why?

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shoot Palestinian unarmed protesters to kill or maim OK, say it is wrong to do so is not OK.

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According the German tabloid Bild, the main alleged perpetrator, who surrendered to police, is a Syrian refugee who lived in a centre for migrants near Berlin.

That's correct.

"The fact that no nursery, no school, no synagogue can be left without police protection dismays us," she said.

That is not exactly correct though. It should actually say "no jewish school,...". Yes, that's bad enough as is, but leaving out such information just gives people that scream "fake news" more ammunition. More important is probably that right before that she said that unfortunately there have been problems with antisemitism already before all the refugees arrived. So it is in fact about the new kind of antisemitism that was added to the existing one. Also there have been police forces in front of synagogues for years already. So while the report with the increase of problems is correct (and it is important to report on that), intentionally leaving out information to paint a different picture is quite questionable in my opinion.

If you are trying to damage the credibility of the press, you are doing a good job here.

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Thanks for the downvote for just providing information the author decided to withhold.

For everyone interested, here is some more information and why I criticized the article and the poor work of the journalist.

There are about 33.547 schools in Germany (number from 2016), but only 16 jewish schools (so the difference is quite huge).

Merkel on antisemitism in Germany 2014:

Dass es »keine einzige jüdische Einrichtung gibt, die nicht durch Polizei bewacht werden muss«, stimme sie sehr besorgt, sagte die Kanzlerin in ihrer am Samstag verbreiteten wöchentlichen Videobotschaft

Merkel 2018:

Antisemitismus habe es aber leider auch schon vor der Ankunft der vielen Flüchtlinge in Deutschland gegeben, fügte Merkel hinzu. Kein jüdischer Kindergarten, keine Schule, keine Synagoge könnten ohne Polizeischutz sein. „Das bedrückt uns“, betonte sie im Gespräch mit dem Korrespondenten Dor Glick.

The bolded parts are what the author decided to omit. Overall she said 1:1 what she has said before in 2014 (that all jewish institutions are guarded by the police around the clock). She just added that this has already been a problem before the big waves of refugees arrived (what people call the European migrant crisis started in 2015). I could have chosen an article that is closer to the quote from 2018 but I'll not use the Bild (the German equivalent of The Sun) as a source.

Also in another article from 2003:

Völlig abgeschirmt liegt die Hauptsynagoge der Münchner Juden in einem Hinterhof in der Innenstadt. Draußen vor der Tür des unscheinbaren Gebäudes halten schwer bewaffnete Polizeibeamte die Stellung, das Gelände wird Tag und Nacht von Kameras überwacht.

It just says that there are heavily armed police officers in front of the main synagogue of Munich day and night.

From 2012:

Synagogen, jüdische Schulen oder der Sitz des Zentralrats der Juden in Berlin werden regulär vom Objektschutz der Polizei rund um die Uhr bewacht.

The different jewish institutions in Berlin are guarded by the police.

And you can find many more of those articles that date back to the years before 2015.

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