Merkel, Hollande vow to keep eurozone together


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They are just mouthing off the routine slogans.

In reality, something has to give: Either the Eurozone is split, or Germany subsidizes the PIIG lender banks until it is bankrupt.

Somehow, I don´t see even Merkel going to that treasonous length.

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let Greece go

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no point. let them suffer the consequence. they are stupid especially that alexis guy. once greece gets thrown out goes to drachma the public will kill alexis when they cant get food on the table.

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they were warned, by milton friedman and others, that the euro would fail.

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It would have less chance of failing if Europeans weren't voting numbskull's into office.

So much for Hollande's "re-negotiation".

Meet the new boss.

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Surprise, surprise. Hollande is pro EU.

The EU WILL be dissolved within my lifetime, along with the North American Union and the African Union. No more slipping into World Government.

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