Merkel sits through anthems after shaking spells

By Hui Min NEO

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Wow. 14 years in office already. That's got to be hard on a person. I wish her a swift recovery.

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Hopefully whatever ailment she has one day will go away as she's suggested. In the meantime, she deserves the respect of the benefit of the doubt on her health. 

Dr. Sanjay Gupta was on CNN and described it as a rare disorder that only affects a person while they're standing still that they have tremors in their legs with balance issues.

But, when Angela Merkel walks or sits - easy to see this in her videos - it disappears when she is no longer standing in one spot. Dr. Gupta believes it's the symptoms of primary orthostatic tremor, a rare disorder, usually affecting women.

It has nothing to do with her ability to lead Germany. It doesn't affect her cognitive abilities or mental acuity.

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yep, I’ll believe CNNs paid shill.

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A close relation of mine has something like this. Totally cognitive and aware, but mobility is now being impaired.

I hope the Chancellor can continue to lead.

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