Merkel urges patience as German virus restrictions extended


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Keep up the great work, Angela.

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Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Germans to remain patient with restrictions meant to slow the spread of the coronavirus, saying Thursday that with promising vaccines on the way, “there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

That light end of the tunnel, is Chancellor Angela Merkel holding a torch demand you return home.

European economies are slowly but surely suffocating.

UK will need £36 billion annually over next 5 years either in tax rises or spending cuts just meet the debt servings costs.  You will know when the poo hits fan when capital controls come into enforcement.

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"Wave-breaker shutdown" - A fascinating term if it were true, leaving an image of just getting through the wave. But once the shutdown is in place, they are always this one was. It's never just the wave, it's about waiting for the high tide to recede.

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