Mexican candidate, his wife and 2 sons killed


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zurcronium: Drugs go the USA

And of course those drugs stop at our northern border. If they didn't, then surely you wouldn't be one to talk. :)

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Drugs have power to corrupt many. Mexico needs to find it's own legs. But it is going to take allot of blood.

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I am Mexican and I am sorry every one for this...for all this things you hear and see on tv from Mexico, there are nice places, and not all the people there is bad, unfortunately they are afraid of situation and some of us just escape from hell...

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It seems like Mexico is in freefall.

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Why is this happening over and over again in Mexico? Is there a culture with total disregard for human life?

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Mexico does have gun control, as most civilized countries do, but illegal guns are imported from the US by the drug cartels. Drugs go the USA and guns and money come back. Another victory for the NRA to sell their products and in the meantime destroy human lives.

This killing is so horrible, they probably shot the kids in front of the parents before they shot the parents. Its a warning to all that go after the drug gangs and it no doubt will be effective.

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Don't they have a gun control movement in Mexico? I guess it's up to people outside of Mexico.Where are they?Why aren't they more vocal about this?I'm beginning to wonder about the motivation and sincerity of foreign critics of gun violence in my country.

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what a horrible end for these families. I'm starting to put these murderers on par with terrorists. Intentionally murdering 9 and 13 year old kids?

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Mexico, one big happy family.

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Don't forget all the drug users and other enablers (bribed officials etc.) north of the border (yes Canada that includes you too).

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Okay who was to blame?

The Mexican military?

An angry cartel?

The central government?

All the above because they are all working together?

I pick 4......

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