Mexican police protest against joining new national guard

By Lizbeth Diaz and Daina Beth Solomon

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Can recoup loses by getting bribes.

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maybe he should fire all of them and employ army instead.

Yeah because the army isn't bribeable?

It's sad what is going on in Mexico, but this is just making things worse. I don't see any solution for that problem soon.

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While bribery and all other undesired activties do occur, there is a major difference in their empowered activities and their responsibilties. One answers to the federal government relating tpo border control and the other to regional or local governments or entities (if they exist). Now they are obligated to carry out activties to control people from other countries from whom they could and probably were profiting from unknoticed to now a much more open to scrutiny, complicated and difficult situation.

Which also now brings the same question to the US side of the border. Something which is probably being addresssed all the time, but not mentioned, because there are Border Patrol units that are separate from the police and the military (both the State controlled National Guard and Federal controlled Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and soon to be Space Force).

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One is reminded of the classic French expression "armée mexicaine" to describe a situation of anarchy and chaos

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Cory Booker should just escort them across the border.

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I have long said that the best solution to Mexican gang violence is that they need to arm and empower the people. Even build walls around towns. But that is what the Mexicans can do. What really needs done is that America needs to legalize recreational drugs and get itself out of people's private choices.

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