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Mexico drug lord escape tunnel was too elaborate to miss


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“He escaped through a mile-long tunnel, wide enough to hold a motorcycle, and ending in one of the few blind spots in Mexico’s most-secure prison. How do you do that without some high-level corruption?”

No, not Mexico, corruption? unthinkable! A nation rich in resources and labor corrupt?

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Remember the James Bond movie made about a Drug Kingpin ? Well, there you go, that's how much $$$ this guy has.

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Mexico officials continued to question 30 prison employees on Monday, including the director of the prison,

LoL really? These officials are the same cats who are greased top dollars from the cartel. Those 30 guards got a little summer bonus too.

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I spent a portion of my life traveling to Mexico with my family and I can tell you with certainty there was no accident that Escobar got out. Either he made and offer the prison guards couldn't or wouldn't refuse or he put enormous pressure and threatened them. But accident, NOPE, NO WAY, NEVER!

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Money talks. Let's make a deal. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.

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In richer countries the wealthy avoid jail by employing top lawyers, or occasionally having doctors declare them "unfit" to stand trail.

In Mexico and poorer countries the rich bribe their way out of jail.

Justice is on the take in every country, just in different ways.

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But Mexico is not a poor country Scrote. They have incredible wealth in natural resources. Not to mention the Major Corporations with production plants in Mexico taking advantage of NAFTA. It's the corruption that destroys Mexico. Has been for decades. Corrupted politicians, law enforcement and individuals. With that, they are poor.

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@Bass4funk--Pablo Escobar? Columbian, reportedly died in a gun battle in Medellin in 1993.

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Torafusan, I was wondering about the ESCOBAR, Pablo Escobar, the Colombian drug KingPin from Medellín, Colombia too, but we are talking about El Chapo Guzan, from Sinaloa, Mexico. My connections in Mexico say this is all a FARCE, just a big SHOW to DIVERT the real attention away from now Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto's govenment plans for REFORM in many HUGE sectors of Mexico's society.

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What does Donald Trump have to say about this?

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It's the other way round. El Chapo has already tweeted re Trump's anti-Mexican rants:

"Sigue chigando y voy hacer que te tragues todas tus putas palabras pinche guero cagaleche."

Which is something like: "Carry on with your nonsense and I'll jolly well see to it that you eat your own words, you horrid fellow."

Only, much, much less polite....

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Pablo Escobar? Columbian, reportedly died in a gun battle in Medellin in 1993.

Ooops! My bad! I totally botched that! I meant, Guzman! Thanks for pointing that out!

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It's the other way round. El Chapo has already tweeted re Trump's anti-Mexican rants:

That was on his son's account, right ?

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