Mexico extradites reputed drug lord to U.S.


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Make pot legal and we won't have to extradite anyone, never mind the dead bodies and heads-on-poles all over the border. Extraditing this guy is only for political "looks" and to get him out of the way for someone else to be the boss. The cops and military and gov are all in on it down there.

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brilliant, just get rid of their key source of income and they would give up on their life of crime all go home

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These Arellano Felix mafia members are no joke. Very, very ruthless, and have extremely deep pockets and roots of corruption, terror by intimidation etc..on not only both sides of the US/Mexico border but in other countries too. Will this make things better in Mexico? Maybe just scare some of these capos to move out of Mexico and down into Guatemala, El Salvador etc.. By the way, other South American mafias are now trying to start making $$$ in Africa, to pay off corrupt cops, military etc..then ship it up to Europe.

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I agree with kittyjump basically. But its important to realize that legalization and regulation will not eliminate drug crime. But the reduction would be greatly welcome. These drug cartels will move to other crime, just like boot-leggers of the prohibition era did. But the situation is far better for getting rid of that fool idea of prohibition of alcohol. The same is certainly true for other drugs.

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