Mexico finds 28 more bodies in border pits


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Drug Cartels,don't make peanuts,they make 10s of Billions in US dollars.

Mexico need to change its economy,become industralised rich,to stop killings.

This requires plenty of work and reform,by people of Mexico,in all fields of industry/economy.

It also requires education,education,education in chemistry,physics,biology,engineering and in other fields of economy.

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Yes, but the US has all of what you say Mexico should have, high education, rich country etc..but why do so many people choose to ruin their lives in not only the USA but other rich, industrialized nations? Why are people so unhappy and try to escape their reality with drugs? I do not think that making Mexico as rich as the USA etc..will get rid of this fundamental dark side of humanity, greed, hunger and animality.

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elbudamexicano- Being rich,is getting the rich disease and being rich in material comforts.

This means even richer mexico will chose ,to escape reality with drugs.

The killings will move,to another country,if mexico becomes highly developed rich nation.

Rich disease with plenty of currency is definitely better ,that poverty disease.

Poverty disease means illiteracy,economically weakness and plenty of homicides/crimes and other woes.

5 percent of all curencies of world,is involved in illegal activities,this is not gonna change in any nation.

Being richer in mexico,will give more advantages and resources, to take up challenges,to reduce illegal currency trade/illegal trade activities.

Spritual mexico will thrive even better,in a richer environment. Richest man in world,is from Mexico. Mexico is no stranger,to wealth.

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correction...Rich disease,with plenty of currency,is definitely better than poverty disease.

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secure the border. Arizona has the right idea. Go Jan Brewer, Sheriff Arpaio!

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Actually both Rajakumar and elbudamexico are right. Mexico needs to educate the people in order to encourage more wealth in the country, but it also needs to deal with the corruption in law enforcement agencies. Working for drug cartels are the "easy" way to get wealth quick for many young people in poverty. But at the same time demand for drugs from those wether rich or poor become addicts doesn't help the situation either way. Remember the cartels are so evil that they just murder people at drug-rehab centers, overall they literally want to take control of Mexico and the citizens want to escape so they go to where they believe their lives will be saver (i.e surrounding countries with more wealth and economic opportunities). This is a mess that could have been resolved if the corruption wasn't allowed to run rampant and it requires oversight from one goverment branch over the other.

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As the 11th richest nation on earth, they have a sickingly large gap between the wealthy and poor. They even have the richest person in the world in Mexico.

This money needs to be distributed to an economy that promotes education, industry, and, finally, a means to destroy the drug cartels.

As long as this huge gap in wealth exists, the poor masses will be powerless to stop the megapowers that are the drug cartels.

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