Mexico mayor slain a day after taking office


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The NRA has a new model country.

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The mayor of a city south of Mexico’s capital has been shot to death The NRA has a new model country.

The cartels are charge of Mexico. Not the NRA. In fact, most NRA have their guns locked n' loaded for the very fact that illegal mexicans often hop-the-border in order to commit felonious crimes in America.

Heh- thought you'd known that one kc.

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NEW Model Country ? Typical IGNORANT statement. It is a KNOWN FACT the people of Mexico are sitting ducks to anyone ever since their RIGHT to own a firearm was REVOKED more than twenty years ago. " When Guns are OUTLAWED, only OUTLAWS will have Guns "....remember THAT one ?

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industrial city which has been suffering kidnappings and extortion linked to organized crime groups.

Those same crime groups operate all over the US too, some of them undocumented aliens on a "free" ride. Thank God the obama administration has called on authorities to conduct raids on them and deport them.

@Matthew Stennett. Good comment. Stay locked n' loaded.

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"Stay classy, Mexico."

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That is some evil BS. It's sad that it's gotten to the point where Mexico can't protect it's localized elected officials with a reliable police force. Basically have to use federal military force to take them out.

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Basically have to use federal military force to take them out.

Mexico has become as bad if not worse that Central America. The government is so corrupt, cartel drug-lords and their henchmen are tried, convicted, sentenced to prison. But then, somehow, they mysteriously "escape".

Worse. There is absolutely no accountability because everyone is so afraid. Its sad-

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Sad story. From what i've read about her over the last few months, she would have been an honest hard working Mayor.

After this, I feel for the person that will take her spot.

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"attackers invaded the house... and killed her"

Apparently she was found chained to the kitchen sink with a sign on her head in Spanish saying "know your place"

Sick people!! :-(

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The drug cartels are a direct result of the war on drugs. Unfortunately that price is paid by the Mexicans, not the Americans.

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