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Mexico pizza delivery man killed for being late


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The murderer and his girlfriend deserve nothing less than the death penalty

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Geeeezzzz! Must have been wanting pizza that night pretty bad. Feel sorry for the delivery man...he was just doing his job. RIP!

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To call this man an animal would be an insult to animals the world over. This lunatic and his girlfriend need to be removed from the gene pool before they decide to reproduce.

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I can never understand crimes like these, where people as so "me, me, me" that they can't seem to show even the slightest empathy to another living soul. 'My pizza is late... I think I'll torture and kill the guy whose job was only to drive the moped to deliver it to me'. It's sick, it's an illness, and that poor guy did not deserve to die for this. Though I offer my condolences, I can't imagine anything that would comfort his family at this point in time.

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I don't get it -- everything in Mexico is late. Why should a pizza delivery be any different?

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Sorry, but NOT everything in Mexico is LATE, as we can see, if Domino's Pizza etc...is late South of the Border, it can cost you your life. My guess, these fools were high on drugs, cocaine etc..no regular Mexicans would do this, very sad and as a Mexican it makes me stick to my stomach. By the way, Mexico has no death penalty. I do pray and hope these 2 stupid bastards burn in hell for all of eternity! RIP poor pizza dude.

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Maybe he refused to pay the late refund?

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Wow, the delivery mans family should be allowed to have a crack at him. Just my knee-jerk opinion after hearing such a sick pathetic reason to steal another persons life.

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I just need to say I HATE people who feel they have to take out their frustrations on the people trying to serve them, who are somehow lower than them in the pecking order.

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I'm currently living in San Diego on the Mexican border and get to see the dehumanizing effect that the ongoing violence is having on the people there is as sad is it is frightening.

Just as in many parts of the Middle and East Asia today, when life becomes cheap, a 1,000 yen pizza becomes more than enough of a reason for murder.

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