Mexico reopens amid swine flu breakthrough


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“Fortunately, we’ve managed to stop the dangerous expansion the virus could have had, but it’s not time to shout victory or to say that it’s now controlled and over,” President Felipe Calderon said during a hospital visit. I agree with our dear president Calderon, not exactly the right time to shout victory nor Mission accomplished, no, no not just yet. Keep washing your hands, face, wearing masks, etc..

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elbudamexicano: hope your family are doing okay. I know I tease you alot on this site but this is no laughing matter - I have so many Mexican friends (long distance runners in particular). I know your country very well too so I feel as concerned about the effect of this illness as you, not only on the people but also on the economy and global relations. The key challenge is to fight the sin that has got this blamed on Mexico in the first place. WHO knows somthing they're not letting us onto, like about the pigs shipped into the country by major pig farming operators who tell Mexico to play it by their rules or lose the export pork market - inlcude avocado, mango etc. As some reports are already hinting, the flu has dna that shows a number of countries are involved.

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