Mexico's old rulers claim presidential election win


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headline could have read "Premature Election Victory" would generate more clicks.

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The election completed a dramatic comeback for the PRI, which ran Mexico as a virtual one-party state for 71 years before it was finally ousted in a 2000 election.

Geez, Mexico is going backwards. This is very similar to what is happening in J. Politics.

Political apathy among Mexican people is a big problem for change. It is difficult for Americans sharing border with country like this. We may need to raise walls higher.....

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Let it be very clear: There will be no deal, no truce with organized crime.

We have heard the same line of promise, yet nothing has been changed. More than 55,000 people have died in drug war during the past five years. And it has also become a concern for international companies, which increasingly see Mexico as a good trading partner but also keep an eye on the potential fallout from the increase in drug-related violence.

The talk is cheap, the rest of world demands Mexico to change. We (Americans) do not need a massive Mexican refugees, drug traffickers crossing border to come to the States. Enough is enough.

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Global wtacher, so what is America doing to stop the drug and gun trade? Nothing cause prisons and guns create jobs. Pointing the finger at Mexico is akin to throwing stones from a glasshouse. Mexico has the bad luck to be a hot country next to a drug dependent country.

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Mexico has the bad luck to be a hot country next to a drug dependent country.

@spudman, we are doing the best we can to catch MEXICAN BIG FISH. Most republicans do not understand Holder's long term interntion and objectives. Catching little fish does not solve current problems here in US. Strategically, US Federal law enforcement has been tracing BIG ones to jump out of water. It should be kept closed and remain secret.

Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives held Attorney General Eric Holder in criminal contempt of Congress for refusing to release records from the 2009 Operation Fast and Furious gun-smuggling probe in Arizona.

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wouldn't it be easier to legalize the drugs and cut out the huge profits that drive the crime?

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@spudman, not believe so to coke and heroin.I am in the state legalizing marijuna for medical use. I have no problem with that, but coke and heroin should remain legally banned. I have witnessed so many lives going down into drain and were wasted. They are truly dangerous.

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America didn't learn the lesson of Prohibition. The War of Drugs, however goes well beyond US borders adversely affecting every nation south of that border. The Al Capone of old has become far overshadowed by the cartels who are only enriched by the insatiable substance appetite north of the border. The laws give the cartels far more power than anything. Remove the cartels' power by complete legalization. Then treat addictions for what they are, illness not crime. Is alcoholism a crime? No, and yet many lives are hurt or destroyed by it.

Mexico is victimized by the War on Drugs. Let's hope the new leader of Mexico restores and heals the nation.

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kind of fitting for a country that can only live in its past, people on here babbling about the completely mythical empire of aztlan. too funny.

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How many ignorant, racist posts do we need here on JT?? Anyway, the newest president of Mexico,Señor Peña Nieto, will try his best do deal with all of México's problems, I for one, wish him the best of luck, because he will surely need it! ¡¡Viva México and Atzlán!

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@Herve, actually many, many major Latin American presidents have already discussed LEGALIZING all drugs in all of Latin America, with the exception of Cuba. I am talking about Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia etc..because the USA does not seem to put it's $$$$ where it's mouth is, when it comes to the so called war on drug$.

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One word, three syllables: "(la) mordida".

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La mordida, BRIBES are alive and well north of the border and for that matter ALL OVER THE WORLD, just takes more $$$ to bribe an American cop as opposed to one south of the border, IMHO.

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We Mexicans do not need to migrate to the USA, which is certainly NOT the best place for living. Who wants to live in another land filled up with unpolite, gun-lovers barbarians?

My guess is that we, the scientists, must struggle to open the minds of other Mexicans. The last option is migration, which - at least in my case - would not be to the USA, but to Nihon, Germany or France.

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