Mexico's president to meet Trump on Jan 31


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This is how Trump made the Mexicans pay for the wall, causing paranoid and inconveniences. He took a note from North Korea,as if.

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Validez said she depends on the money sent back to make ends meet and she complained about “everything” becoming more expensive after the government hiked regular gasoline prices by 14 percent at the start of the year.

lol. The arrogance reeks. Maybe they should let Central Americans into Mexico illegally to help with their economy ?

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"Trump’s threats to crimp trade and deport illegal immigrants."

They're not threats, they're promises. But he's not going to crimp trade, he's going to make trade fair to Americans for change.

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Lopez Obrador, a former Mexico City mayor mounting his third presidential bid, said at a rally in the border city of Ciudad Acuna that he would “stop the hate promoted by propaganda against migrants.”

Mexico needs to first focus on how it treats migrants from Central America. Otherwise it is impossible to take Mexican officials seriously when they criticize the U.S.

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Maybe Trump should ask for a refund on the $75,000,000 that Obama gave Mexico to help build their own wall on their southern border.

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