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MH370 co-pilot made mid-flight phone call: report


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Won't the N S A have a record of the phone call somewhere in their records? They seem to record everything that goes on around the world!

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You do not need The NSA because all attachments, de-attachements, calls, connection attempts and dropped call records are kept by mobile phone companies. They keep these records for billing and for engineers to improve networks. Also, at the speed the plane is traveling connections, handover attempts and dropped connections would be very rapid.

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Have you ever heard of flight termination system? (Former president Bush talked about it during a news conference and was quickly scolded about it). And that an AWACs airplane was flying nearby where radar contact was lost? And that the possible place where it ditched was not far away from Diego Garcia where the AWACs plane could have landed when mission was accomplished? Like Gen Stubblebine said on 9/11, it is just a dot.

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And that the possible place where it ditched was not far away from Diego Garcia...

The location where they've been searching for the last couple of weeks based on the possible black-box signals is over 3000 km away from DG. That qualifies as "not far away" for you? And really, a kill switch on a commercial liner? Come on.

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Passenger analysis incomplete. Why no debris found at new ping location? Why previously discovered debris never located?

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The fate of flight MH370 has been shrouded in mystery, with a number of theories put forward including a hijacking or terrorist attack and a pilot gone rogue.

Actually its no mystery, its a magic trick that the media uses to get more ratings. This is no different to any other accident investigation where leads are followed etc.

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You know... you don/t have to be an expert in air flight and air traffic control, just a bit of common sense.

The pilot was not a terrorist, a suicidal or a criminal master mind. He was a pilot and did what ever he could trying to save the plane.

Why? because the pilot first thing to do was to turn around. This normally mean, "trouble" and if it is an emergency, going back to the origin airport is not an option, getting back to the nearest and most convenient airfield is the prime directive.

The comm system going down... sure this is a matter of speculation, but the most probable scenario is that a fire or short-circuit occurred and disabled the comm systems or even more.

A fire also will explain the altitude change of the plane, a desperate action to take off the fire, going up where there is little oxygen for the fire to burn and then going steeply down will also normally take the fire off. That action unfortunately also may knock unconscious the crew. Also, if the fire was not extinguished the fumes (smoke) may have choked the crew and even the entire persons on board.

With no one at the controls, the auto pilot came in to function that kept a stable course flying in straight line until there was no more fuel and the plane crashed.

Cell phones don/t work on a planes (because altitude and speed) and on-board phone services may have not worked, since the fire/short-circuit that may have occurred.

As for the plane debris that cannot be found... maybe most debris are underwater, also, the south Indian sea is a pretty rough ocean... if it is hard to look for a 25 meter long debris, it certainly be almost impossible to find debris of 1 meter of less.

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