Microsoft says it warned Bill Gates about flirting in 2008


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Many people used to meet their future partner at work, sometimes when they were married. There used to be a difference between flirting and harassment, and this would not have been a teacher/school pupil issue. If it was a problem, it would have been actionable at the time. We are talking about America, the spiritual home of the lawsuit.

Harassment is (unsurprisingly) a problem in the tech sector, as women are typically in a minority. Sometimes it is just the aspie geek inability to interact with persons identifying as women that causes problems. Managing IT staff can be a little like herding cats.

I would recommend that male employees keep themselves to themselves in the workplace, concentrate on their jobs, focus on their screens, avoid all small talk and conversation about non-work issues, and never make jokes. Get in, do your work and get out. Leave your emotions, opinions (and hormones) at home. That goes double for anyone over 30. Over 40, consider yourself as attempting to fit in, in a parallel universe, amongst people who will skin you with hot spoons if they discover you do not belong. Once you get used to it, it is easier. Hey, if work was fun they wouldn't pay you for doing it.

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Handsome, Powerful, Famous & Rich$$, all the ingredients for lawsuits and allegations, it comes with the status.

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WTH is inside counsel or HR actually going to do to the founder and former CEO?

I mean, how exactly do you fire or otherwise discipline the former wealthiest man on the planet?

Not that his behavior was not at LEAST in the gray area, just that it is virtually unactionable.

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The Paperclip popped up and said, "It looks like you are trying to harass a co-worker - do you require any help?"

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