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Middle East conflicts revive clash between president and Congress over war powers


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As long as the US stays on the right side of this and continues to support Israel, all good.

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US finally had enough, genocide leader should go and call for new election. Make sense right, occupiers getting money from US so US has right to say so.


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Would like to see the cowards in Congress that would say the US should sit on its hands in the Red Sea.

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It’s been a great spectacle to watch the hard left start going into its inevitable cannibalism mode. It must be agonizing for their representatives in congress to try and hold back with all of their lofty convictions, frustrations and anger at the president, knowing that if they do let rip they will be helping their arch nemesis Donal Trump in his campaign to reclaim the white house. Fist biting through the conundrum they have created for themselves.

Problem is, you can never be left enough from within their base and ranks, it’s literally a competition to see who can virtue the hardest and it’s a blood sport. Biden has been flip flopping around the situation in Gaza in an attempt at appeasement, but it can never work. The sheer nature of the political game they play makes that impossible. Seeing AOC ( one of the hardest players of the game ! ) herself the other day being followed, harassed and shouted down by young angry activists was a classic example. It must be a real to her shock to realized that they will even come for her too in time.

Adults in the room, enjoy the spectacle.

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knowing that if they do let rip they will be helping their arch nemesis Donal Trump in his campaign to reclaim the white house.

Joe has it soooo easy. Everybody is so focused on the last President that Joe could burn down the country and the media and their sheep would still be focused on the former guy. They are doing their darndest to hide the protests going on from the progressives because they know full well it could be detrimental to Joe.

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Biden is president with a divided Congress and even disagreements within his own party on the matter, so he has to thread the needle. This is where his decades of experience in Congress will help, but I don’t envy him his job.

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Ricky Kaminski13Today 08:30 am JST

Nobody cares.

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