Migrants in Italy boat dispute disembark on Lampedusa


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Tough call. Looks like they will fit right in to Italian society though.

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World leaders should use their brains and their money a little to help and support these countries so there is no need for people to run away to another country for a better life. After all Europe played a great part in stealing their natural resources - mahogany which built Victorian furniture, diamonds which De Beers continue to mine and profit from, oil, well the list goes on

It's time to give back

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German, Danish, Spanish, whatever fake "humanitarian" NGOs continue to flood Italy of migrants. Sure, there's a part of Italian society that is making money thanks to this business as well, the ones who "work" in the business of "accoglienza", but there's a part of society, made by HONEST people, who understood the true nature of this human trafficking and they are forced to pay the real price, both economic and psychological, of this social disaster. This isn't healthy migration. This is a nightmare.

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Good for Italy. They don't invite these people.

Impound every boat and charge every captain doing this.

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Send them right back to Africa.

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The EU probably wants a civil war in Italy. All this doesn't make any sense.

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They should never have been allowed to dock. Shame on Italy for backing down.

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Frau Merkel will take them. Put them on the next train to Berlin. They will be well cared for by the Germans.

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@Wolfpack: Frau Merkel is sending to Italy tons of refugees from Germany by planes. I am not kidding.

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