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Migrants undeterred by Balkan storms and Hungarian clampdown


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German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s deputy said the record-breaking influx of refugees could help ease a chronic skills shortage and provide a boost to Europe’s biggest economy

Most of the people participating in this invasion are not skilled, cannot speak German and will not boost the German economy. They will lower the average GDP per person, making the average German poorer as his/her taxes go to support the unemployed invaders.

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"Look, no clothes, no jacket, no food. We are suffering." - article

"Mission Accomplished"?, quite a resume, quite a resume.

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Mission Accomplished"?, quite a resume, quite a resume.

Obama had the chance to make this right 3 years ago in attacking ISIS and yet, he did nothing. Shamefull!

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Obama pulled out of Iraq prematurely against professional advisement Obama backed the Arab Spring which led to even more regional turmoil. Obama laughed off ISIS early on and it is now a global problem and has yet to agree to a plan of action! Obama supporters see no faults with the man, they see a Perfect president. History will show otherwise.

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Obama pulled out of Iraq prematurely against professional advisement

Bush went into Iraq prematurely against professional judgement.

Obama stopped throwing good money after bad. It was the right thing to do.

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The syrian refugees were not accepted by wealthy persian gulf kingdoms because they were either Shiites/Alawites/Christians etc. Even they were sunnis they were regarded as infidels. So these kingdoms need not to accept a single refugee. Congradulations,well "reasoning" !

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You'll not convince me of that Stranger. 6 months after the withdrawal it was evident it wasn't time yet.

Bush also was supported by both sides of the isle. Don't convince yourself otherwise. Both parties also had opposing votes, again, don't distort reality. I opposed invading Iraq but what does the public know compared to high level politicians with direct intelligence from the best in the world.

Sadam did have chemical weapons and used them. This is fact. Sadam was a mass murderer, fact. Iraqis celebrated to no end of the liberation, fact! Iraq was stable with US policing, now it's chaos, fact!

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You'll not convince me of that Stranger. 6 months after the withdrawal it was evident it wasn't time yet.

For those who thought America shouldn't pull out, it never would have been time.

Obama did the right thing by ripping off the bandaid.

Bush also was supported by both sides of the isle. Don't convince yourself otherwise.

I never claimed otherwise.

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No use crying over spilled milk. The question is, what to do about it?

As I mentioned elsewhere, there are lots of families with average incomes who could afford to take individual families in in exchange for work around their house. Programs could be established to facilitate such arrangements.

But people will immediately predict all the relatively minor problems that will occur, minor compared to the deaths, homelessness, lawlessness, human rights violations and concentration camps that are about to occur.

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"In the United States, President Barack Obama directed his administration to prepare to take in at least 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next year, the White House said on Thursday." That's an awful lot of Allah Akbar shouters, in my opinion. It'll be a tight squeeze in the White House.

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Obama is planning to admit 10,000 Syria refugees. He's ordered White House consultants and members from the Secret Service, NSA, and the FBI to conduct vetting of the 10,000 refugees. The goal is to identify the terrorists and the most dangerous members of the group and grant them immediate entry into the US. Terrorists, drug and sex offenders, and violent criminals will be granted priority and moved to the front of the line. Since introducing Ebola into the country didn't work, he's decided to take another approach.

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Its almost funny that people think these swarms of refugees must contain hidden terrorists in droves. The depths of some people's paranoia is truly abysmal. I am telling you, these jihadis and Islamo-fascists are not all that sharp or dedicated, or they would have chosen different career paths. Well trained Nazi saboteurs, these aren't. Not even close.

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“Masses of young men in their twenties with beards singing ‘Allahu Akbar’ (God is greatest) across Europe - it’s an invasion that threatens our prosperity, our security, our culture and identity,”

Once they link up with "the others", already in europe, look for more bloodshed like we saw in Paris and more attempts by lone wolves armed aboard passenger trains across europe.

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I wonder how many ISIS fighters are among the hordes of able-bodied young men.

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Funny how ppl think they are good people. I'm from Hungary, and yes, immigrants are horrible. Pissing, shitting, littering everywhere, demanding rights for no reason. They have iphones,tablets, and money. Everywhere they go, they cause fear, chaos, and threatening the locals.

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@ Péter Szilágyi Unfortunately the EU is run by people that are extremely naïve. Another hard lesson to be learned by the localized populace. Igonorant compassion at it's finest. Better encourage the politicians to learn how to deport those that aren't beneficial to their host countries back to wherever they came from.

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What a mess. It was predictable and preventable. Now Europe is becoming Camp Of The Saints.

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@mazzda"I wonder how many ISIS fighters are among the hordes". Soon, we'll see it. Perhaps, someday the Eiffel Tower will turn out to be a tallest minaret in Europe.

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The "Islamic State" would be idiots to pass up this golden opportunity to spread their terrorism on a global scale (one of their stated goals), and anybody who thinks they're not taking advantage of this manufactured refugee "crisis" is a flaming idiot of the most dangerous magnitude.

Spare the world your deflective accusations of paranoia, Islamophobia, xenophobia, etc. If you think 100% of the refugees are perfectly safe, take a random sample of them into your own home. And by that I don't mean making other people in your country pay to house them well outside of your neighborhood, I mean open your door and put them up in the actual house you live in. Until you do that, kindly keep your dangerous stupidity to yourself.

The refugees don't even have to be trained ISIS sleeper agents to be a problem. Just ask Elin Krantz.

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