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Militants attack NATO supply terminal in Pakistan


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What is Japan up to in Afghanistan and Pakistan?

Sir, Seeing reports that Japan is convening a meeting of donor nations to aid Pakistan in its fight against terrorism is disturbing. America has been giving Pakistan economic and military aid to contain Soviet designs in Afghanistan. The only people with influence in Pakistan are in the Army. So, all aid is funneled through it.

As a result the Pakistan Army and its officers have literally looted the American taxpayers and made merry at their cost. The Soviets were defeated by the terrain and the doughty tribes of Afghanistan rather than by American aid. The only thing that these tribes have in common is Islam. They hate each other with the same fervor that they hate America now.

Taliban was foisted by Pakistan and encouraged to be fundamentalist. It is Pakistan’s own Frankenstein. Aid pouring into the area is mainly misappropriated by the army, which pretends to be fighting the Taliban. Whatever aid is left is passed on directly to the Taliban itself.

So whatever countries like Japan and America are spending to help Pakistan fight Islamic terror is in fact fuelling it. Wake up Japan! Why are you helping to make the situation in Pakistan and Afghanistan worse? If Japan really cares to help the normal people of these countries, it should wait till the arms and ammunitions these people have are exhausted. The turmoil in the area needs to be settled by the local people themselves before you can help them.

I hope the citizens of Japan will voice their opposition to aid being sent to Pakistan and Afghanistan !

Raise your voices people, lets stop our governments from wasting our money!

Thanking you Mahesh Vitekar. Savli,46, Shreyanagar, Aurangabad. India 431005

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The American aid and Japanese money is going to the very forces that they are trying to contain! American arms manufacturers are having a field day with taxpayers money. Why is Japan also carrying on with this ununderstandable policy of sending money to Afghanistan and Pakistan? The disturbed areas need to be choked of easy money and arms. I am sure the Taliban and all other enemies of NATO are shooting at them with the very arms that were given in aid to Pakistan army.

Wake up guys! Stop pouring more arms into the region! The behaviour of the NATO and friends makes one suspect that the war is being run my their arms industry.

If this is true all citizens of the world must raise their voices to stop them NOW!

Mahesh Vitekar

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maheshvitekar: It appears that US policy is based on the logic that if you want to fight terrorism you need to have terrorist ally. And for that Pakistan seems most suitable and well qualified ally. Citizen of the world will not raise their voices because this situation is approved by the US and endorsed by Europe, Japan and China.

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ummmmmmmm, didn't they do that last year ? coming back for seconds.

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Some14some: Terrorists have grown so strong and troublesome thanks to the huge quantity of arms USA supplied them first (to fight the Soviets).Now suddenly they are our enemies! The governments are not being asked difficult questions, thats why this problem is becoming bigger and bigger. The countries not yet dierctly suffering from these terrorists need to watch out!The suicide bombers are hard to stop because they want to die! Just hoping that your own money does not bring devastation to you! Best of luck! Mahesh

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Actually, the Taliban/AQ are primarily using weapons left behind by the Soviets in large caches and modern weapons supplied by Iran, China, and others, not those supplied to the Mujahideen in the 1980's by the US.

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Ah, Pakistan, our ally in the war on terrorism...

What will the potus do now, that Pakistan is becoming an Al Quaida state with nukes.

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People who understand this region of Afghanistan Pakistan know very well how closely linked these two countries are. There is no practice border between to the two countries as same ethnic group lives on both sides of the border and does not recognise the international border. Also for ages, as Afghanistan is a land locked country, all its trade is conducted through Pakistan. Resolving Pakistan will resolve Afghanistan and vice versa so for the purposes of eliminating Al-Qaida, this region should be considered one continuous territory and Afpak is an apt name for it.

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