Military surrounds S Korean soldier who killed 5 comrades


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The guy must have cracked, or was a flake to begin with. That's one problem with mandatory military service -- you can't weed out the bad ones. That, or he was somehow hoping to defect or was pushed by NK to do what he did, but I really don't see that as being the reason. In any case, I don't see this ending well for Yim, and I say RIP to the men lost.

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Oh, well, this MUST be Bush's fault somehow, ask ANYone on here...

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Guy was assessed as having unstable tendencies it seems, so he should have been released from the military, why keep some on in when they have issues like this guy was assessed with.

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StormR: We agree (possibly for the first time) completely. Worse yet, this guy was placed in an area where tensions could easily turn into war at the drop of a time, and given weapons. If he had shot at NKoreans instead of killing his comrades, this would easily have turned into a pretty big confrontation, as has happened in the past.

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Why on earth would they allow a guy with obvious physiological problems to stand a post, let a lone be armed with an assault rifle near the border with N. Korea!?? This guy should of been discharged and given medical help.

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Really terrible that some peaceful Koreans are forced to serve in the war machine. I pity this man.

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I support Psychiatrically Challenged Armed South Korean Conscript Day.

Show your support and help psychiatrically challenged South Korean servicemen to continue their active duty.

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I'm hoping he's not just a copy-cat in light of what happened at some U.S. Military bases in the United States. Scary!

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We don't know the facts. Maybe the five raped him or worse. We need to take him alive to find out if he is either a crackpot or a hero!

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Really terrible that some peaceful Koreans are forced to serve in the war machine. I pity this man.

"peaceful"?! The man killed 5 of his comrades and injured others. Don't try and make him out to be the victim when millions of others are able to perform their military duty with honor.

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