Millions in England one pay check away from homelessness: charity group

By Adela Suliman

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Esther McVey the housing minister, doesn't believe in social housing. Shows Johnson's feelings about the issue.

Thatcher selling off social housing was the catalyst to this problem. Rents are so high people spend more than half their income on them.

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Seems that being one paycheck away does not only apply to England.

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Get ready for a no-deal Brexit and homelessness, then! Thank your leaders.

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If you are one paycheck away from homelessness, it would lead one to think you've made quite a few terrible life decisions.

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Rents should be capped. Hundreds of dollars/pounds a week for a tiny 1 bedroom apartment is a disgrace. (not only an eng/brexit-related problem, same's happening in oz, europe and the us).

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Thatcher selling off social housing was the catalyst to this problem. Rents are so high people spend more than half their income on them.

Yep, yet another example of how her ‘political revolution’ in the UK was an abject failure.

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All Countries who do not enact policies to curb the margin of poverty or working poor. The numbers are only going to rise. Subsided housing helps a great deal in addition to raising the minimum wage to a living wage level helps. Being a democratic capitalist society should not mean citizens can fall throuh the cracks and loose housing.

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The other side of this were the lucky ones who bought modest properties in London before prices went insane. An old coworker of mine told me how his blue collar parents bought a terrace in north London in the 70s and flogged it for a very, very tidy profit before retiring to Devon.

But again, the lucky ones are far fewer than the unlucky majority.

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Even a law where rent control based on income of 5% of rentals can be enacted. This will curb the numbers of people who could end up homeless. But the govt's will have to give the real estate owners a good incentive to apply for rent control to their rentals. Like in addition to subsidies a tax abatement of some kind.

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It will take some imagination and energy to make a dent in these figures.

Life is like a chess game, though. As individuals we need to set something aside, and to consider our moves so that we do not get backed into a corner from which there is no escape.

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The pendulum has swung way too far in favor of the rich and with the ease of travel, developed countries are now international destinations for the worldwide rich. San Francisco used to be a US city but now it is an international city and attracts international rich who buy houses and jack up prices. The rule of thumb when I was a kid was your house should be about 3x your income, but now it is closer to 5+. My dad said when he was 19 years old he got a factory job and bought a modest house. I reckon the pendulum will and is already swinging back to favor the middle class.

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The UK has plenty of land.

The problem is NOT building more dwellings and the rich hoarding land...yes,hoarding!

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That is the price of "democracy".

People should be more concerned in what is happening in their own country and less concerned about pointing the finger at other nations. Lead by example!

It is easier to point the finger than to admit that our own government has let us down.  We spend too much time finger pointing at other nations. rather than hold our own government to account.

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zichi: I have often criticised my own government on this web site - read my many comments. We need to hold our OWN government to account and not just point the finger at other nations. Lets have the guts to admit we do not live in a democracy.

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Lets have the guts to admit we do not live in a democracy.

You are obsessed with this.

Some countries are more democratic than others. You don’t need to be perfect to point out brutality in other societies. Many brave people who strive for an improvement in more barbaric societies look at the more democratic societies as a model. Your constant ‘what about you?’ response does these people a disservice.

You are part of the problem.

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Well we are gonna have 7 billion of us soon. Let the building boom begin!

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Could sell stuff on a street corner?

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Yep, yet another example of how her ‘political revolution’ in the UK was an abject failure.

Not if you were and are rich. And won't someone, anyone, think of the rich?

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the UK would be completely irrelevant nation without the hot $$$ from the rich Arabs, Asians, Russians etc.

The ruling class won't hear peasants crying about the soaring rent cost

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"Millions in England one pay check away from homelessness..."

More than that number in America are staring at the ever increasing personal debt that is pushing them closer and closer to the hundreds of thousands who have already been pushed into the street and who we harass daily in their flimsy shelters for allowing themselves to be the worst affected victims of our Capitalist parasites. And of all of the 'behaviors' which are necessary to a fully functioning and successful society, one of the least important is the compulsive acquisivity which drives the Capitalist system and denies to the People the benefits of Capitalist's few advantages in favor of mindless hoarders who sequester the lifeblood of a society, the stored energies of the People we call 'Wealth'. 'Wealth' is the disease which gives us these symptoms of a sick society, hopelessness, suicidal despair, and ... homelessness, and enforced tolerance of intolerable behavior by the conscienceless. Sadly, if we deep read our six thousand year behavioral case history, we are no different, perhaps even worse, than the Sumerians or any of those 'primitive' people we emulate so perfectly today. Shoganai?

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@zichi: The many of the biggest landowners are all aristocrats, including Prince Charles. The class system remains strong.

Maybe that is the motivation for Brexit to allow the upper class to keep their hold on power.

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