'Millions' mourn North Korean leader


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Folks nothing to worry about, North Korea can not do anything with out CHINA, and China has all of the real power behind North Korea, they just have to slowly open them up and get them to stay away from doing anything too stupid, like really make nuclear missiles etc..RIP old North Korean Dictator Dude. Millions?? Millions of REAL crocodile tears??

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Millions?? Millions of REAL crocodile tears??

At gunpoint...Cry or else...

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I certainly hope North Korea can afford the estimated 800,000 US Dollars (annually) to preserve Kim Jong-Il's body.

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I thought it was interesting that Kim Jong Il said before he died, that he COULD NOT SLEEP! Why?? He was having horrible dreams that the citizens of his country hated him and were throwing rocks at him! Is this what is called one's guilty past coming back to haunt one before dying??

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more than a fifth of the entire population.

The rest of them are too malnutritioned to mourn his death......if they would actually mourn the man resposible for no food, heat, money,...that's another question.

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Why mourn for a selfish low life scumbag who only cared about himself? The man could have been a great leader by offering reform and a democratic government... But no, he decided to live a life of relative luxury whilst the people had to suffer under his narcissistic rule.

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If they didn't they would be shot. I saw the news it looked like people were fake crying... these people are in fear.

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Yonhap news agency quoted a senior Seoul government source as saying Jong-Un issued his first military order just before his father's death.......This is clear-cut evidence that Kim Jong-Un has secured a firm grip on the military

Ah, soooooo. Is this really? Never thought it is so simple. How long is the expected life span of a new ruler who gives clear-cut evidence of his power that was followed by his father death?

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'Millions' mourn North Korean leader

Billions celebrate; Earth's remaining population quietly pleased.

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Yeah, I can tell the "millions" if any of these mourners are just completely broken up that their "leader" died. Seriously, I've heard people when they mourn for a loved one. These folks are hired if not threatened to go through the motions.

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Kim jonj ii says to the devil "I was alive, but then I took an arrow to the knee."

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A few socialists here at JT are part of the millions mourning the death Kim Jong-Il.


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Now is the hour NK citizens, rise up and march forward into the future of freedom and prosperity like the rest of the world has enjoyed for centuries.

Trample the millitary scum that have repressed you for decades, you will find they too will want the fruits of freedom.

5 million cry while the other 19 million secretly rejoice and celebrate inwardly.

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NO REAL TEARS. NO REAL TEARS. NO REAL TEARS FLOW FROM THEIR EYES. It is a show, well organized and videoed. Look at how many "wailer" take a quick glance to see if they are on camera. Now is the time for SK and Japan to put the pressure on junior and those really old generals to have warmer diplomatic relations. If he does not, it shows that the over sized and over decorated generals are really in-charge, and he is another puppet. Stay calm and tuned in to see what junior does.

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Those FAKE tears are a good sign. It means they are not really brainwashed!!!

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Shouldn't the quotation marks be around mourn instead of millions?

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The rifles pointed at the people were not shown in the background.... Mourn histerically or else!!

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"his young successor"

Maybe the kid will decide he doesn't want to be a part of this scene and split for some unknown tropical destination. It's possible, if not probable. In that case there would be an actual power struggle, with some reform-minded military officers prevailing, hopefully.

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Maybe the kid will decide he doesn't want to be a part of this scene and split for some unknown tropical destination

Tokyo Disneyland is neither unknown nor tropical.

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Give the man some credit. It is amazing how this small country survived the fall of Berlin wall, the destruction of Iraq (its mate in the axis of evil) embargoes, sanctions, attacks from everywhere, and what is more amazing is that this exhausted country continues still to be the horror for the USA and Japan, number 1 and number 3 economies in the world. I cannot understand why is everybody scared of North Korea. Continue the negotiations and stop the mass hysterics.

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The scaring thing about NK is 20million of starving refugees if the regime suddenly collapsed. SK cannot afford taking all of them. China?

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Continue the negotiations and stop the mass hysterics.

That's what I said a few years ago and the only reaction was, I managed to make some posters think I am North Korean. Rich, indeed!

I don't think they wanna spoil the business of the century of selling arms to scared countries. With friendly peaceful relationships in the region who will buy a fleet of F-35 stealth jet fighters to boost its airforce? Not mentioning free logistic supports for the helping US army? No, we need enemies at the gate. Of course North Korea is and evil axis for they selling arms. Bad thing to see an evil among the angels that we are. huhhh, Who is gonna be brainwashed here?

What's next, unite the two Koreas and let them save the money that otherwise they had wasted for war? Or letting them reconcile, unite and have the biggest army in the world now equipped my nuclear weapons and then buying Korean mercenaries for a war against a new evil?

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The scaring thing about NK is 20million of starving refugees

Let us see why people are starving... isn't one of the reason for the terrible economic situation the sanctions and the embargoes against the country in which Japan is happily participating too?

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The scaring thing about NK is 20million of starving refugees if the regime suddenly collapsed. SK cannot afford taking all of them. China?

Feeding them is cheaper than waging a war and causes less damage, not mentioning they will be used as slaves in sweat-shops anyway, for 2 bucks a day and they will even be grateful for that. I certainly wouldn't give them passport for few years after the unification.

Let me mention a morbid scenario. We had this Fukushima and we can have more, considering the rundown state of Japan, there can come any other disaster as the predicted 12/21/12, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes or anything else and not just for Japan. Imagine a global-wide disaster, not too big, where developed societies are left without electricity, say for one month. Death. No intelligence data gathering, paralyzed army, our computerized world collapses, no mass catering, all food processing factories and freezer houses halt, no water as in mansion houses electric water pumps bring the water up, no gas from the fuel stations as they use electric fuel pumps too. etc. etc. etc. We couldn't even flush our toilets. Plagues, looting, misery, death.

Who do you think would survive an incident like this? The rich technology dependent Japan or the penniless North Korea? Who would kill off their neighbor? Who do you think should and is righteously expected look ahead farther than their nose now, until we can, and consider other than momentarily expenses? The so called dumb evil or the so called smart. It's about survival and not just the survival of North Korea.

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"ExportExpert: "smithinjapan are you the same person hailing the great NK leader Kim Jong and claiming bin laden was murdered?"

You call Kim Jong Il 'great'? I sure haven't. But to each their own. And you don't think Bin Laden was murdered?? So... did he die of natural causes then?

"no wonder you are supporting these two trouble makers on the delta flight, you are left wing as possible"

Take those blinders off, my friend, and prepare to be amazed! I have easily given proof above, and even more easily swept your silly arguments aside and shown them for the bigotry they espouse.

But hey, if you have your head stuffed that badly up your butt that you can't see the forest for the trees, so be it.... you'll be more sympathetic to the turkey this season. :)

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